Delta Frac® Fracturing Fluid

Halliburton’s advanced fluid technology has resulted in an optimized borate fracturing fluid with high viscosity and as much as 33% less gel concentration. The borate gel exhibits outstanding shear stability as well as excellent proppant transport and suspension characteristics.

The Delta Frac fracturing fluid system represents a step change in fluid capabilities for wells up to 200º F. In thousands of treatments, Delta Frac service fluids show significant fluid efficiency improvements and treatments yield higher production rates.

  • By requiring less polymer loading to attain the required viscosity, Delta Frac service fluid helps reduce formation damage and achieves clean, complete breaks.
  • Additionally, Delta Frac service provides superior retained conductivity.
  • Designed for stimulating wells with bottomhole temperatures as high as 200º F, the service is deployed in conjunction with Halliburton’s proven enzyme and oxidizing breakers to provide the cleanest, most complete fluid breaks possible in a wide variety of well conditions.
  • Halliburton’s HPH™ breaker supports effective Delta Frac service treatments up to approximately 140º F, with high pH stability for effective and economical results at pH 8 and higher.
  • For wells operating at mid-temperatures, Delta Frac service is also advantageously used in conjunction with an oxidizing breaker. ViCon™ NF breaker yields effective results at temperatures above 170º F.


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Delta Frac® Fracturing Fluid

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Summary Summary Fracturing Fluid Systems
The fluid systems are designed to implement a treatment according to design in order to help increase production and improve the Operator’s return on investment.
Summary Summary Delta FoamSM Service
Halliburton’s Delta FoamSM service has been specially formulated for low pressure and water sensitive reservoirs where operators have often encountered difficulty in effectively employing production enhancement methods.
Summary Summary OptiFlo-LT™ acid additive
OptiFlo-LT™ is a delayed-release acid additive that helps decrease the pH of fracturing fluids.
Summary Summary WG-31™ gelling agent
WG-31™ gelling agent is a powdered, “one-bag” blend of high-viscosity, rapid-yielding, intermediate-residue guar gum mixed with a nonionic surfactant and a suspending agent.
Summary Summary HPH Breaker™ enzyme breaker solution
HPH Breaker™ is an enzyme breaker solution that maintains effective activity at higher pH levels than conventional enzyme breakers.
Summary Summary WLC-7™ fluid-loss additive
WLC-7™ is a fluid-loss additive designed specifically for use with fracturing fluids. It is an organic solid ground into a fine powder.
Summary Summary BC-200™ crosslinker
BC-200™ crosslinker is a hydrocarbon-based slurry that is used as the crosslinker/buffer component in Delta Frac® 200 fluids.
Summary Summary LoSurf-2000S™ Surfactant
LoSurf-2000S™ surfactant is a solid, powder surfactant. It is a blend of anionic nonemulsifier and an anionic hydrotrope. LoSurf-2000S surfactant can be used as a surface-tension reducer and nonemulsifier in fracturing and acidizing applications.
Summary Summary Delta Frac® Fracturing Fluid
Halliburton’s advanced fluid technology introduces an optimized borate fracturing fluid with high viscosity and as much as 33% less gel concentration known as Delta Frac® Fracturing Fluid.
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