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All wells are different and even wells in the same reservoir can vary greatly in formation characteristics.  Surfactant performance varies depending on interactions between the surface active agents, formation mineralogy, reservoir fluids and treatment fluids. 

Halliburton’s RockPerm™ service is a laboratory testing process performed by specially trained technicians in local area labs. This process provides pre-stimulation scientific testing with actual formation cuttings, reservoir fluids and stimulation treatment fluids. Then we recommend the optimum surfactant package for a specific well to provide a customized chemical solution to increase well productivity and lower cost per BOE. 

Extensive testing has shown that Halliburton’s OilPerm™ surfactants and OilPerm™ Formation Fluid Mobility Modifiers (FMMs) can maximize water recovery and hydrocarbon production from fracture stimulated shale. The objective is better performance from every well every time.

RockPerm Service Input Parameters

  • Formation cuttings from the reservoir
  • Formation water from the reservoir
  • Oil from the reservoir
  • Water to be used in the fracturing treatment
  • Proppant to be used in the fracturing treatment
  • Fracturing fluid formulations
  • Interfacial properties (IFT, contact angle, adsorption, and physical properties) of OilPerm FMMs

RockPerm Service Output Parameters

  • Emulsion tendency
  • Fluid compatibility
  • Water recovery efficiency
  • Water recovery rate
  • Hydrocarbon productivity
  • Relative performance of OilPerm FMMs
  • Optimized fracturing fluid
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