OmegaFrac™ Service


The simple-to-deploy OmegaFrac fluid system provides important benefits:

  • Excellent proppant transport
  • Unprecedented retained conductivity of the proppant pack, often greater than 80%. The linear biopolymer system breaks controllably (Figure 5) and cleans up very effectively.
  • Does not require potable water for mixing. The simpler fluid chemistry and no requirement for crosslinker make OmegaFrac fluid both practical and economical for use in a wide variety of produced waters.
  • Eliminates the need for hydrocarbon-based concentrates. OmegaFrac fluid is mixed from a dry polymer, reducing the potential environmental impact. The new ADP™ advanced dry polymer blender has been designed to blend any of Halliburton’s fracturing fluids from a dry polymer.
  • Low pipe friction makes it ideal for pumping down tubing and coiled tubing for multistage pinpoint stimulation type applications.
  • Applicable at formation temperatures of 150 to 250°F and permeability less than 10 md.