EZ-Stim Service

Halliburton’s EZ-Stim service uses new fluid technology to help improve the efficiency for hybrid fracturing treatments and for fracturing long horizontal wellbores. The system enables using up to 60% less guar while simultaneously lowering the amount of hydraulic horsepower required to pump.

The service uses a new polymeric borate crosslinker to provide the performance of a conventional top-tier borate crosslinked fluid, but with less guar. Using less guar saves on materials, but also helps reduce the amount of damage caused by gel residue. EZ-Stim service also requires less horsepower, enabling fracturing of longer intervals and higher rates.

Field results are showing that, compared to linear fluid,   treating pressure actually goes down when the  EZ-Stim fluid is crosslinked. This is in sharp contrast to conventional crosslinked guar fluids that normally require substantially higher pressure than the linear fluid.