ConductorSM Fracturing Service

The ultimate goal of well stimulation is to get the highest hydrocarbon recovery with the most practical level of production out of an asset.  ConductorSM fracturing service maximizes initial and long-term production, and therefore recovery, by leaving the proppant pack in a highly conductive state long after the stimulation equipment has left the wellsite.  Conductor fracturing service uses proprietary surface equipment engineering, exclusive conductivity enhancement services, and subsurface geomechanical insight to install highly conductive flow paths through the proppant pack without reducing proppant pack or reservoir stability. 

Benefits of Conductor Fracturing service include:

  • In-depth basin and formation understanding, and proprietary software enable the selection of appropriate candidate wells.
  • Enhanced, proprietary modeling capability to enable improved job design.
  • High conductivity flow channels within the fracture to help improve initial production.
  • Stable, resin consolidated proppant pillars which can provide the ability to stabilize the high conductivity channels for sustained initial production levels and increased reserves ultimate recovery
  • Advanced blending equipment and ACE™ control software for more accurate pulsed proppant concentrations.
  • Near-zero-residue PermStimSM Fracturing Fluid Service which can improve production by increasing fracture conductivity and reservoir - fracture network flow connectivity.
  • AccessFrac® service’s proprietary, fully degradable diverter system which can be used to achieve more even perforation cluster proppant distribution and enhance fracture connectivity and density.
  • RockPermSM service proprietary, customized formation mobility modifier optimization process to increase production potential
  • Pulsing proppant slurry and clean fluid sweeps which reduce the risk of screenouts even with higher proppant loading.

Technologies to Enhance Results with Conductor Fracturing Service:

Stimulation with Conductor fracturing service can be further improved by the incorporation of technologies to help increase:

Fracture network and reservoir interface permeability retention for improved flow capacity

Perforation cluster treatment efficiency and fracture complexity  for greater Stimulated Reservoir Volume (SRV)

Fluid mobility in the fracture and reservoir flow system for greater effective fracture length

Stimulated reservoir volume (SRV) is a key determinant for well productivity and ultimate reserves recovery in ultralow permeability source rock reservoirs. And SVR is determined by the extent of the fracture network that can support flow and is connected to the reservoir flow capacity without damage to the fracture – reservoir interface. Created fracture conductivity can only add to stimulated reservoir volume when fracture conductivity and fracture – reservoir interface flow capacity is retained after the treatment fluid breaks and flows back without leaving damaging residue. Halliburton PermStim™ Fracturing Fluid is based on a derivatized natural polymer that contains virtually no insoluble residue, enabling improved well cleanup and better sustained productivity. Laboratory testing confirms that PermStim service provides better regained permeability than derivatized and native guar-based fluids. In identical test conditions, gel was crosslinked, broken, flowed through a proppant pack (20/40-mesh Brady sand), and regained permeability measured. The PermStim™ fluid exhibited 94% regained permeability while the derivatized guar fluid exhibited 70% and only 40% for the native guar-based fluid. Low residue PermStim fluid can provide greater productivity for Conductor fracturing treatments by retaining the flow capabilities of the propped fracture network and their connection with the reservoir’s hydrocarbon saturated porosity. Side by side well comparisons have demonstrated that PermStim fluid stimulated wells can provide an average of 27% higher productivity compared to wells stimulated with guar and derivatized guar based fluids.

Technologies to improve perforation cluster treatment efficiency and propped fracture connection with the natural fracture network can compound the effects of the Conductor℠ treatment design.  AccessFrac® service can improve stimulation of targeted intervals and assure that pay zones selected for stimulation more fully contribute to increased stimulated reservoir volume. AccessFrac℠ stimulation service is Halliburton’s process to optimize proppant distribution across the treatment interval which can provide greater effective stimulated reservoir volume to enhance productivity and cumulative production. AccessFrac® service combines diverting technology and conductivity enhancement technology to enable increased effective reservoir contact area and can be used to reduce the time related cost and complexity of multi-zone fracturing.

Reservoir – fracture network fluid phase mobility enhancement can be incorporated into the treatment design using proprietary evaluation methodology to select optimized Formation Fluid Mobility Modifiers (FMM’s). Halliburton’s RockPermSM service is a laboratory testing process performed by local area labs to select optimized OilPerm™ Fluid Mobility Modifiers (FMMs) and surfactant packages for stimulation treatments through evaluation of the interaction of reservoir characteristics and stimulation fluid components.  The OilPerm™ FMMs are selected to maximize treatment fluid recovery and enhance hydrocarbon production from fracture stimulated unconventional reservoirs.


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