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As a general rule, fracture-network volume correlates to production volume. However, the variables that contribute to production volume also include the number of stages, the length of isolated stages and the number of perforation clusters per stage.

Efficiency can be defined two ways in fracture-stimulated wells:

  • Cluster completion efficiency: the percentage of clusters that receive effective stimulation for a given interval. The formation is stressed by the dilation of the fractures and this stress loading can impede the ability of the fracture to accept proppant, which then impedes production volume.
  • Cluster production efficiency: a high percentage of stimulated clusters contributing to production (i.e. 60% of the clusters contributing to 95% of the production). 

For initial completions or in re-frac situations, AccessFrac® stimulation service is Halliburton's process for gaining both cluster completion efficiency and cluster production efficiency. It helps to optimize proppant distribution for improved long-term production performance. AccessFrac service combines diverting technology and conductivity enhancement material to maximize reservoir contact area and reduce the time cost of multi-zone fracturing.

The advantages of AccessFrac service include:

  • The maximization of reservoir contact area for improved long-term production potential.
  • The enablement of optimum multi-zone limited-entry fracturing treatments such as plug-and-perforate and sliding-sleeve techniques.
  • The placement of highly conductive proppant packs in complex fracture networks.
  • Enhanced proppant distribution, which can result in using less proppant per stage for the same impact.
  • A self-degrading and environmentally benign diverter material that shows real indication of diversion.

AccessFrac® Stimulation Service

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