Carbonate 20/20™ Acidizing Service

Halliburton's Carbonate 20/20 Acid Systems provide the very best in expert personnel, analytical/diagnostic tools, products, and processes that place the right fluid across the carbonate formation to leave the formation conductive farther from the wellbore, for a longer productive well life.

Combined with design and placement, these acid systems are proven effective in even the most complex of fracture and matrix acidizing treatments:
  • Carbonate Completion Acid - an unique acid blend that is effective even on the most difficult oils of the world (sludging, asphaltenic oils)
  • Carbonate Emulsion Acid - an emusified acid system with superior wormholing characteristics
  • Carbonate Stimulation Acid - a viscous acid system for improved fluid-loss control and deep penetration
  • Fines Recovery Acid - an energized foamed acid system for easy flowback and superior fines removal
  • Hot Rock Acid - high temperature, low-corrosion acid system with enhanced fluid-loss control properties
  • Zonal Coverage Acid - for optimum acid distribution in long pay intervals.


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Carbonate 20/20â„¢ Acidizing Service

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Summary Summary Carbonate 20/20SM Acidizing Service Eliminates Need for Proppant, Adds More Than $1.5 Million in Value
After being shot; a 16;000 foot well in a Cotton Valley Formation was still only flowing at 8.2 mmcfpd at 1;680 psi FTP with a positive skin. To increase production; the operator wanted to fracture the well with proppant but had not previously pumped into it.
Summary Summary Carbonate Completion™ Acid (CCA™) System
Solution for Additive-Compatibility Problems with Anionic Surfactants
Summary Summary Carbonate 20/20™ Acidizing Service
Carbonate 20/20™ Acidizing Service is the Candidate Selection and Acidizing Process for Optimized Productionfrom Carbonate Reservoirs
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