GeoTap® Sensor

With Sperry Drilling services' GeoTap® LWD formation tester, it is possible to obtain real-time direct pore pressure measurements, with accuracy and precision comparable to that of wireline formation testers. The GeoTap service bridges a critical gap in drilling safety and optimization, providing early and reliable measurements of reservoir pressure and mud density.


  • Helps improve formation evaluation
    • Obtain real-time fluid gradients and fluid mobility (permeability/viscosity indicator)
    • Identify fluid contact points, and determine reservoir connectivity/compartmentalization, and depletion
  • Can increase safety of operation
    • Determine optimal mud weight and manage equivalent circulating density
    • Know of pressure changes when they occur, not after it's too late
    • Continuously update wellbore stability assessments
    • Reduce formation damage
  • Helps increase drilling efficiency
    • Determine precise overbalance for maximizing ROP
    • Continuously monitor hole cleaning effectiveness with Pressure-While-Drilling, while reducing formation damage due to swab/surge
  • Save time, money
    • reduce rig down time associated with wireline testing

SOLAR™: this sensor also exists in the high temperature/high pressure version. Please refer to the SOLAR datasheet for exact specifications.

GeoTap® Sensor

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