Pressure-While-Drilling (PWD) Services

   Downhole pressure measurements are provided by Sperry Drilling Services' PWD service, which consists of high-accuracy quartz pressure gauges measuring annular and bore pressure.

The PWD data have a number of valuable applications, including:

  • Accurate downhole measurement of equivalent circulating density (ECD)
  • Kick detection, including shallow water flows
  • Swab/surge pressure monitoring while tripping and reaming
  • Monitoring of hole cleaning
  • Accurate downhole measurement of hydrostatic pressure and effective mud weight
  • Accurate leak-off test (LOT) and formation integrity test (FIT) data without circulating to condition the mud

This sensor also exists in SOLAR™, ExtremeHT-200™ and UltraHT-230™ sensor high temperature/high pressure versions. Please check the sensor datasheet for exact specifications.

Pressure-While-Drilling (PWD) Services

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Summary Summary Azerbaijan: Geo-Pilot® System Sets New Caspian Record Sign in required
BP needed to drill a well through a difficult section of formation well known to cause tool-damaging vibration.
Summary Summary Mexico: Sperry Drilling’s New Data Compression Software Facilitates Geosteering Within Thin Reservoir while Significantly Reducing Drilling Time Sign in required
In this shale gas well in the Eagle Ford play in Mexico, the primary objective was to drill a horizontal well with maximum lateral exposure within the 10 feet (3 meters) thick production zone. The challenge was to stay in the relatively thin shale pay zone while maintaining an aggressive rate of penetration.
Summary Summary North Sea, Norway: Operator Successfully Runs 5 ¾-inch Slim-Hole Drilling Operation with Geo-Pilot® RSS System Sign in required
In a mature field on the Norwegian Continental Shelf of the North Sea, an operator had attempted twice to drill a new extended-reach drilling (ERD) wellbore with a 2.05 measured depth (MD) to true vertical depth (TVD) ratio that resulted in the bottomhole assembly (BHA) becoming lost in hole above the reservoir.
Summary Summary USA, California: Operator Saves an Estimated $992,000 using a Matched Drilling System Sign in required
Halliburton had previously drilled wells in the field using a standard steerable motor assembly, but now needed to deliver improved performance using a solution able to orient and steer the well at deeper depths while overcoming strong dipping tendencies and a natural walk of the bottomhole assembly (BHA).
Summary Summary Columbia: Remote Operations Center Facilitates Nimble Geosteering to Narrow Target in Heavy Oil Sands Sign in required
To reduce costs by improving drilling time, an operator drilling through complex shale and sand formations in a remote Colombian field, where the oil-water contact can reach to within 10 feet (3 meters) true vertical depth (TVD) below the top of sand, required accurate real-time information to navigate to the target zone.
Summary Summary Geo-Span® Downlink Service
Communicate with downhole tools without impacting drilling
Summary Summary Pressure-While-Drilling (PWD) Services
Provides annular pressure, internal pressure and temperature measurements. Aids in detecting lost circulation and flow/kicks before they happen.
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