DDSr™ Drillstring Dynamics Sensor

Sperry Drilling services’ DDSr™ Drillstring Dynamics Sensor measures both downhole shocks and the type and magnitude of vibration affecting the bit and drilling assembly. These measurements provide a full understanding of the exact dynamic conditions at any point in the drilling process.


  • Helps increase drilling efficiency through the optimum use of drilling parameters, maximizing energy transmission to the bit
  • Helps extend bit life by reducing vibration damage and premature failure
  • Helps improve performance by reducing the number of trips for failure
  • Helps to reduce BHA, tool and tubular failure
  • Helps to reduce fatigue failure resulting in washouts or fishing

This sensor also exists in SOLAR® version. Please check the sensor data sheet for exact specifications.

DDSr™ Drillstring Dynamics Sensor

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Summary Summary Gulf of Mexico: SlickBore® System and ADT® Service Sets Records Sign in required
Halliburton's SlickBore® Matched Drilling System and ADT® Drilling Optimization Service Sets World Footage and Endurance Record for BP in the Tuscaloosa Trend
Summary Summary Malaysia: ADT® Drilling Optimization Service Helps Eliminate Stick-Slip in Deviated Wells Sign in required
ADT® drilling optimization service After-Action Review (AAR) was requested, along with recommended solutions for use in the last two wells.
Summary Summary Balikpapan: ROC Capabilities Enhance Vibration Mitigation for Geo-Pilot® System Record Run Sign in required
In the Nubi Field, offshore Indonesia, a gas development well in 226 feet (69 meters) of water required the critical 12-¼-inch section to penetrate a limestone formation with hard cemented stringers. Typically, in this section, various modes of vibration and problems with sensor pulse detection would damage drilling equipment and hinder formation evaluation data acquisition, slowing progress and raising costs with excessive tripping.
Summary Summary Brazil: Operator Saves US$75 Million in Ultra-Deepwater Well with High Vibration and Salt Creep Issues Sign in required
An operator had a plan to drill a 5,734-ft (1,748-m) ultra-deepwater well in 149 days that was characterized as having high vibration issues in a salt formation and a long history of competitor failures.
Summary Summary Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD)
Sperry leads the industry with the widest array of MWD/LWD technologies achieved through our focus on formation evaluation - acquiring early, accurate, and reliable reservoir measurements during or after the drilling process.
Summary Summary DDSr™ Drillstring Dynamics Sensor
Measures downhole vibration to help avoid or eliminate damaging stress to tools, motors, bits, etc.
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