DrillingXpert™ Software

Integration, Efficiency, Engineering Standardization

Halliburton’s DrillingXpert™ Software provides the ability to design an entire drilling system in one advanced software package. This speeds up the planning process and improves decision making by providing access to all the required information in one location.

By consolidating the drilling modeling applications from Landmark in DecisionSpace Well Engineering and those from Sperry Drilling, Baroid and HDBS into a single platform Halliburton has created a well-engineering software tool kit that is unparalleled in the industry. The software also provides a common connection between the drilling PSLs and our customers increasing collaboration in the drilling process.

DrillingXpert™ engineering Modules:

  • DecisionSpace Well Engineering Torque and Drag
  • DecisionSpace Well Engineering Hydraulics
  • DecisionSpace Well Engineering Casing centralization
  • DrillingXpert™ DFG Hydraulics
  • DrillingXpert™ DFG DrillAhead Hydraulics
  • DrillingXpert™ Direction by Design bit analysis
  • DrillingXpert™ MaxBHA Analysis
  • DrillingXpert™ Whirl Analysis

DrillingXpert Software will support drilling services delivery by providing the capability to model all elements of the drilling systems required to meet the objectives of any hole section, in any well, in any environment and to rapidly optimize the design of the entire drilling system to deliver maximum performance will reduce overall drilling days and the well AFE.

DrillingXpert Software