Geo-Pilot® GXT Rotary Steerable System

Setting Direction with the Pilot™ Fleet

Geo-Pilot GXT Rotary Steerable System Tool

Part of Sperry Drilling services' Pilot™ fleet of automated drilling systems, the Geo-Pilot® GXT rotary steerable system establishes a new benchmark for performance drilling.

Delivering increased horsepower and revolutions per minute directly to the bit, the Geo-Pilot GXT system overcomes challenging formations while reducing the occurrence of stick-slip. The system gives you the ability to achieve higher penetration rates while minimizing casing wear by decoupling the bit speed from the drill string speed.

The Geo-Pilot GXT system delivers this new level of drilling performance by integrating a GeoForce® motor power section between the rotary steerable system and the LWD system. This next-generation positive displacement motor technology produces more than twice the horsepower of conventional power sections.


  • Performance drilling
  • Extreme extended reach drilling
  • Harsh environment drilling
  • High cost drilling
  • Bit speed-sensitive formations


  • More energy is directly applied to the bit improving cutting efficiency and rate of penetration while also overcoming stick-slip
  • Decoupling of the bit from the drill string reduces transmission of vibrations to LWD and other BHA components, improving life
  • Drill string rotary speed can be reduced to minimize casing wear while bit speed is optimized for best drilling performance

The Geo-Pilot GXT rotary steerable system is fully integrated with all Sperry Drilling LWD sensors and the InSite® rig information management system to provide a complete real-time drilling and formation evaluation package.

Geo-Pilot® GXT Rotary Steerable System

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