Geo-Pilot® Dirigo Rotary Steerable System

Setting Direction with the Pilot™ Fleet

Part of Sperry Drilling services' Pilot™ fleet of automated drilling systems, the Geo-Pilot® Dirigo system is the only rotary steerable system that can achieve consistent higher build rates in large hole sizes. Now you can reap the benefits of rotary steerable drilling with build rates previously only achievable with conventional mud motors.

This newest member of the Pilot Fleet delivers high performance under the toughest of conditions and has an enhanced dogleg capability for drilling wells where high build rates are required, or where soft formations typically limit build rate capability when using other rotary steerable systems. When drilling through inter-bedded formations, where the rock can alternate between soft and quite hard, the Geo-Pilot Dirigo system delivers a more consistent build rate and helps maintain higher rates of penetration (ROP).

The Geo-Pilot Dirigo system is ideal for drilling well trajectories in extended reach drilling applications, where consistent doglegs are required to drill the surface hole in shallow, soft formations. These well trajectories improve drilling efficiency by reducing the sail angle required, reducing torque and drag and facilitating faster and smoother tripping.

Sperry Drilling’s Geo-Pilot Dirigo rotary steerable system is the only rotary steerable system for big holes that can deliver well profiles previously only possible with motors, but with the wellbore quality and higher rates of penetration of a point-the-bit rotary steerable system.


  • Build rates up to 10 degrees/100 feet in larger hole sizes and up to 15 degrees/100 feet in smaller hole sizes
  • Reduce drilling time—drill the vertical, curve and lateral in one BHA with no sliding intervals or added trips for downhole motors
  • Increase reservoir exposure—kick-off deeper and land in the reservoir sooner
  • Reduce sail angle required in extended reach drilling, reducing torque and drag, and facilitating faster, smoother tripping
  • Match the Geo-Pilot Dirigo rotary steerable system with a customized bit to optimize drilling performance

The Geo-Pilot Dirigo rotary steerable system is fully integrated with all Sperry Drilling LWD sensors and the InSite® rig information management system to provide a complete real-time drilling and formation evaluation package.

Geo-Pilot® Dirigo Rotary Steerable System

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Summary Summary Oman: In soft formation, Geo-Pilot® Dirigo™ 7600 RSS drills three complex legs in one run, saving operator 32.5 hours and US$40,000 Sign in required
In a development field with a soft formation, an operator needed a solution to drill a horizontal well in three “fork-type” legs with two openhole sidetracks in one run.
Summary Summary GOM: Rotary Steerable System and Industry’s Closest At-Bit Reamer Save Operator 48 Hours and USD 2 Million Sign in required
While drilling on a deepwater rig in the Gulf of Mexico with a water depth of about 8,000 feet (2,438 meters), an operator encountered significant losses in a weak zone due to depleted sands near the bottom of this section of the well.
Summary Summary Egypt: Geo-Pilot® Dirigo Rotary Steerable System Delivers High Build Rate Well Profile and Saves Operator Five Days of Rig Time Sign in required
In the NRQ area of Egypt, Khalda Petroleum Company planned to drill a horizontal well targeting the Coarse Dolomite zone of the A/R “G” formation in the North Ras Qattara field. Because NRQ wells typically encounter severe changes in formation dipping while changing well direction, the primary challenge in this case would be the 8 ½-inch hole section. The plan was to land the well with an 87 degree inclination and turn the azimuth from 177 degrees to 132 degrees with continuous dogleg severity (DLS) of 5.8 degrees per 100 feet.
Summary Summary China: Geo-Pilot® Dirigo RSS Delivers Record-Setting Run in Tarim Basinsaving Three Days of Rig Time Sign in required
Precise Geosteering through Thin Target Zones Delivers 98% Reservoir Exposure
Summary Summary Venezuela: Petroindependencia Drills the Longest ERD Well While Staying 100 Percent in Target Zone Sign in required
Petroindependencia, a Petróleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA) joint venture, operates in the Orinoco oil belt, where the target reservoirs are located in the Morichal member of the Oficina formation, which can be characterized as a shallow, unconsolidated formation.
Summary Summary Angola: Successful Introduction of the Geo-Pilot® Dirigo Enhanced Dogleg Rotary Steerable System in Deepwater Block Sign in required
An operator drilling an exploration well a deepwater Angola field challenged Halliburton to drill the 12-1/4-inch hole section from shoe-to-shoe in one run using a rotary steerable system instead of following standard operational procedure for this field.
Summary Summary Malaysia: Geo-Pilot® Dirigo System Delivers Record High Dogleg Solution Sign in required
In this mature field, the operator faced the challenge of drilling through a formation where the overlying soft shale section had made it extremely difficult to achieve good build rates in the past, and inefficient slide drilling with a motor was commonplace.
Summary Summary Argentina: Geo-Pilot® Dirigo System Helps Shave Five Days from Plan, Drilling Long Horizontal Section in One Run Sign in required
The operator drilling a shale oil well in Argentina wanted to reduce operating time and associated costs while drilling both the build and horizontal sections in an 8-1/2 inch hole size.
Summary Summary UAE: First Geo-Pilot® Dirigo Rotary Steerable Run in UAE Lands Complex Sign in required
An operator planned the first fork-type multilateral well design in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to be drilled from an offshore platform. The complexity of the program would require advanced geosteering capabilities to achieve maximum reservoir contact and precise placement of the forked-shape laterals with full accessibility for well intervention. The target was just 600 feet (183 meters) south of the platform and required a “pregnant lady” well profile through a very challenging shale formation where historically no directional work is recommended. With only one available platform slot, located on the northwest side, the well would first have to be nudged and turned in the 16-inch hole in order to reduce surface collision risk, and would then encounter a channel at the 13-3/8-inch casing point known to cause huge losses. In the 12 ¼-inch hole, a required open-hole sidetrack would present yet another challenge. And furthermore, the 8-½-inch lateral interval would have to be maintained within the reservoir target of just two feet (0.61 meters) in thickness.
Summary Summary Colombia: Geo-Pilot® Dirigo Rotary Steerable System Consistently Delivers High Build Rates and Helps HOCOL Save Five Days of Drilling Time Sign in required
Eliminate sliding time and improve hole quality using a rotary steerable system.
Summary Summary Scandinavia: Operator Saves 3.2 Days and US$5 Million with Geo-Pilot® Dirigo™ RSS Sign in required
An operator in the North Sea planned to drill a deepwater field evaluation well by sidetracking from an existing 8-1/2-inch wellbore.
Summary Summary Middle East: Geosteering Solution Delivers Record Performance, Cuts Seven Days from Lateral Well, Saving Customer an Estimated $400,000 Sign in required
In this mature field, the customer planned to drill a lateral well located inside a restricted area. The plan was to drill the build section in 8-½-inch to land the well in the limestone “A” reservoir. Then, in the 6-1/8-inch section, to steer the lateral section inside both the “A” and “B” reservoirs. Specifically, the customer required geosteering to drill the “A” reservoir for 1,500 feet, then drop angle and enter the “B” reservoir, building to horizontal then holding angle to drill the remaining 900 feet inside the “B” reservoir.
Summary Summary Geo-Pilot Rotary Steerable System Animation
Geo-Pilot Animation
Summary Summary Geo-Span® Downlink Service
Communicate with downhole tools without impacting drilling
Summary Summary Geo-Pilot® Dirigo Rotary Steerable System
The Geo-Pilot® Dirigo system is the only rotary steerable system that can achieve consistent higher build rates in large hole sizes. Now you can reap the benefits of rotary steerable drilling with build rates previously only achievable with conventional mud motors.
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