Geo-Pilot® Dirigo Rotary Steerable System

Setting Direction with the Pilot™ Fleet

Part of Sperry Drilling services' Pilot™ fleet of automated drilling systems, the Geo-Pilot® Dirigo system is the only rotary steerable system that can achieve consistent higher build rates in large hole sizes. Now you can reap the benefits of rotary steerable drilling with build rates previously only achievable with conventional mud motors.

This newest member of the Pilot Fleet delivers high performance under the toughest of conditions and has an enhanced dogleg capability for drilling wells where high build rates are required, or where soft formations typically limit build rate capability when using other rotary steerable systems. When drilling through inter-bedded formations, where the rock can alternate between soft and quite hard, the Geo-Pilot Dirigo system delivers a more consistent build rate and helps maintain higher rates of penetration (ROP).

The Geo-Pilot Dirigo system is ideal for drilling well trajectories in extended reach drilling applications, where consistent doglegs are required to drill the surface hole in shallow, soft formations. These well trajectories improve drilling efficiency by reducing the sail angle required, reducing torque and drag and facilitating faster and smoother tripping.

Sperry Drilling’s Geo-Pilot Dirigo rotary steerable system is the only rotary steerable system for big holes that can deliver well profiles previously only possible with motors, but with the wellbore quality and higher rates of penetration of a point-the-bit rotary steerable system.


  • Build rates up to 10 degrees/100 feet in larger hole sizes and up to 15 degrees/100 feet in smaller hole sizes
  • Reduce drilling time—drill the vertical, curve and lateral in one BHA with no sliding intervals or added trips for downhole motors
  • Increase reservoir exposure—kick-off deeper and land in the reservoir sooner
  • Reduce sail angle required in extended reach drilling, reducing torque and drag, and facilitating faster, smoother tripping
  • Match the Geo-Pilot Dirigo rotary steerable system with a customized bit to optimize drilling performance

The Geo-Pilot Dirigo rotary steerable system is fully integrated with all Sperry Drilling LWD sensors and the InSite® rig information management system to provide a complete real-time drilling and formation evaluation package.

Geo-Pilot® Dirigo Rotary Steerable System

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