StrataForce™ High-Torque Motors

StrataForce™ Motors

StrataForce motors can be configured to perform reliably in a wide range of drilling applications and environments, including: directional, vertical, horizontal, extended-reach, short radius, intermediate radius, air/foam, underbalanced, shale, casing, high-pressure/high-temperature, and abrasive, and are compatible with synthetic-, oil-, and water-based mud systems.

StrataForce Conventional Hard-Rubber Stator
Conventional Stator with Hard Elastomer

Greater, more consistent torque for outstanding performance

Delivering 50 percent more torque per unit length than stators with state-of-the-art highly resilient elastomer technology, StrataForce motors have an extended length power section featuring a conventional stator design with a new generation of hard elastomers. This provides greater performance and reliability and delivers the highest level of torque, allowing higher differential pressures to deliver more power. Consistent torque means less stalling, less bit damage, better tool face control, and higher ROP.

Features of the StrataForce motor
  • Extended length power section
  • New generation hard elastomer
  • High differential pressure capability (225 psi/stage)
Benefits of the StrataForce motor
  • Delivers 50 percent more torque per unit length 
  • Delivers more consistent RPM and torque to the bit, increasing ROP and bit life
  • Operates in higher temperatures (320°F/160°C)
  • Reduces failures associated with chemical-induced swelling by having more resistance than conventional elastomers 

StrataForce™ Motors

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