GeoForce® Even Layer Thickness Motors

GeoForce motors can be configured to perform reliably in a wide range of drilling applications and environments, including: directional, vertical, horizontal, extended-reach, short radius, intermediate radius, air/foam, underbalanced, shale, casing, high-pressure/high-temperature, and abrasive, and are compatible with synthetic-, oil-, and water-based mud systems.

Even-layer Stator

Enhanced performance

Delivering 65 percent more torque per unit length than conventional elastomer stator technology, GeoForce motors feature a contoured steel stator with an even-layer lining of specially-engineered elastomer that allows for higher operating temperatures and longer, more productive runs. GeoForce motors reduce stalling, lessen damaging stick-slip, withstand higher temperatures, are more resistant to fluid interaction, and deliver higher ROP.

Features of the GeoForce Motor
  • Even-layer stator technology reduces heat generation and retention
  • Unique power-unit stator elastomer lining supported by profiled steel stator lobes, which provide a more effective rotor-to-stator seal, resulting in more efficient power production
  • High differential pressure capability (250 psi/stage)
Benefits of the GeoForce Motor
  • Provides greater torque output than conventional motors
  • Delivers more consistent RPM and torque, increasing ROP and bit life
  • Operates in higher operating temperature (350°F/175°C)
  • Reduces failures associated with chemical-induced swelling by having more resistance than conventional stators

GeoForce® Motors

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Summary Summary Canada, Alberta: GeoForce® XL motors help operator save US$2.5 million in Duvernay shale well Sign in required
By running GeoForce® XL high-performance motors to tackle high builds and long lateral sections, Sperry Drilling cut drilling time almost in half on an extended-reach well in the Duvernay shale play in Canada, reducing drilling days from 49 days to 28 days.
Summary Summary USA, Wyoming: Operator Saves $145,000 by Replacing RSS with GeoForce Motor Solution Sign in required
An operator in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin planned to drill a build and lateral section of a well into the Sussex formation, overlying the Niobrara formation, which typically has higher weight transfer issues, creating a challenge to directionally drill to final total depth (TD).
Summary Summary Angola: 24-inch Geo-Pilot® XL System Drills Vertical and Build Sections in a Single Run Sign in required
Angola deepwater exploration well: Vertical and build sections of the 24-inch by 42-inch hole (405 meters/1,329 feet) were drilled in a single run.
Summary Summary Canada: High Performance Mud Motor Technology Reduces Drilling Costs in Harsh Environment Sign in required
Rising downhole pressures and temperatures on a well in Alberta forced the operator to find alternatives to the turbine they had used to drill the initial stages of the well.
Summary Summary Angola: Geo-Pilot® XL System Successfully delivers 24-inch Section of Deepwater Exploration Well with Precise Vertical Control Sign in required
Deepwater exploration project in Angola
Summary Summary North Sea: GeoForce® Motor and 3D-i™ Software Drill HTHP Well in the North Sea Sign in required
Provide directional drilling and MWD for a 16,000-foot HP/HT exploration well.
Summary Summary Colombia: GeoForce® XL Downhole Motor Delivers Best in Class Performance in Castilla Field Sign in required
Ecopetrol wanted to improve drilling performance in the 12 ½-inch hole section of the well to help reduce overall drilling time and associated costs by ten percent.
Summary Summary North Dakota: GeoForce® XL Enhanced Performance Motors Excel in North Dakota Shale Sign in required
Challenge: Safely and economically drill the 8.75-inch vertical sections of two shale oil wells in the Williston Basin in one bit/BHA run per well.
Summary Summary Mozambique: Halliburton Matched Drilling System Helps Operator Save $2.5 Million in Deepwater Mozambique Sign in required
The matched system of a GeoForce® motor and FXD84DM bit helped mitigate vibration, maximize ROP and deliver longer tool life through the section.
Summary Summary Egypt: GeoForce® XL Motor Powers through Hard Formation, Reducing Drilling Time by 54 Hours Sign in required
The GeoForce XL motor achieved remarkable success with an approximate 40 percent increase in ROP versus standard performance mud motors in offset wells.
Summary Summary Canada: Operator Saves Over 27 Days of Rig Time Drilling Gas Wells in Difficult Shale Formation Sign in required
The operator planned a four-well pad in the challenging Komie area of North East British Columbia, designing gas wells with 700 meter (2,300 feet) surface holes followed by monobore horizontals with a total measured depth (MD) averaging 4,200 meters (13,780 feet).
Summary Summary Oman: GeoForce® Motor Saves Operator 7.5 Drilling Days with Fewest Number of Bit Runs in History of Field Sign in required
An operator in Oman had been using two different bottomhole assemblies (BHAs) to drill a 12-1/4-inch vertical section for unconventional wells.
Summary Summary North Dakota, USA: GeoForce® XL Motor Beats Drilling Curve to Kick-off Point with an Estimated Rig Time Savings of $30,000 Sign in required
The GeoForce XL 6/7 motor successfully achieved the operator’s objective to improve drilling performance, reaching the KOP one full day ahead of the curve. This performance beat all recent wells in the operator’s database by 10 drilling hours, and resulted in an estimated rig time savings of $30,000.
Summary Summary Mexico: Halliburton Saves Time Drilling with the GeoForce® Enhanced Performance Motor in an Abrasive Environment Sign in required
An operator drilling an onshore development well needed to drill through the abrasive formation of unconsolidated, fine-grained sands of the Queen City formation.
Summary Summary Egypt: Petrobel Successfully Field Tests GeoForce in Egypt Sign in required
Improved average ROP nearly 180 percent over conventional motors used in two offset wells. Further boosted ROP by 40 percent over competitor’s premium motor used in previous well, cutting rig time by two more days.
Summary Summary North Dakota, USA: GeoForce® XL Motor Powers Through Three Forks Resource Play Sign in required
The operator enlisted Halliburton to drill almost 10,000 feet (2,956 meters) laterally in one of the prime U.S. unconventional oil plays, the Williston Basin.
Summary Summary Colombia: Ecopetrol Saves Over Five Days of Rig Time using GeoForce® Enhanced Performance Motor Sign in required
The operator drilling an oil production well (“S” profile) in Colombia’s Magdalena Middle Basin wanted to improve operating time in the Tisquirama field to reduce costs while drilling both the build and drop section of the 8 ½-inch hole section.
Summary Summary Mexico: PEMEX Saves Over US$30 Million on Cantarell Well by Using a Matched System Sign in required
PEMEX planned to drill a well in 228 days, but by implementing Halliburton’s matched drilling solution, drilling time was reduced by 121 days.
Summary Summary GeoForce® Even Layer Thickness Motors
GeoForce® motors help to enhance drilling performance in mature fields with eve-layer stator technology.
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