Max3Di™ Drilling Optimization Software


Sperry Drilling services developed the new Max3Di™ drilling optimization software to bring all critical information relating to the drilling process together into one user-friendly interface to help the directional driller make the right decisions that will ensure the highest ROP and longest downhole tool life. The result: increased drilling efficiency and reduced drilling costs.

Max3Di Drilling Optimization Software


Max3Di Software Benefits

  • Model, measure and optimize drilling performance with this intuitive visual interface
  • Increase directional drilling efficiency and reliability by immediately detecting out-of-bound conditions
  • Track cumulative vibration and torsional efficiency for end-of-life monitoring when combined with downhole dynamics sensors
  • Reduce drilling costs and expedite the decision making process by providing key data to essential personnel both at the rigsite and in Real Time Centers
  • Model drilling performance before going downhole to avoid surprises and choose optimum parameters
  • Conduct post-well analysis with instant replay to identify problems and work on solutions for future wells

Max3Diâ„¢ Drilling Optimization Software

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Summary Summary North Sea: GeoForce® Motor and 3D-i™ Software Drill HTHP Well in the North Sea Sign in required
Provide directional drilling and MWD for a 16,000-foot HP/HT exploration well.
Summary Summary Australia: Geo-Pilot® GXT System Improves ROP by 30% and Reduces Drilling Time in Hard Limestone Formation Sign in required
The operator of an Australian oil field required a solution to reduce destructive vibration and improve rates of penetration (ROP) while drilling a troublesome hard limestone and chert formation.
Summary Summary Max3Di™ Drilling Optimization Software
Sperry Drilling services' innovative Max3Di software represents a step-change in process monitoring for directional drilling.
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