Tight Gas HSE & Service Quality

The industry's leading HSE (health, safety, environment) and OE (operational excellence) experts

At Halliburton, a strong, proven HSE and OE foundation—backed by unwavering day-to-day adherence to strict guidelines—is critically important to a successful tight gas operation. In large part, this is due to the fact that tight gas work takes place in some of the world’s most isolated and “challenging” terrain—above and below ground—and that regulatory scrutiny from government agencies at both regional and international levels is also more intense than for other energy development projects.

Halliburton has long taken a rigorous approach to tight gas operations

HSE leadership and accountability are instilled across all levels of our organization. Strict process adherence and constant monitoring of service delivery metrics pay dividends in fewer adverse personnel incidents and equipment failures, less NPT, increased production and a multitude or other efficiencies at every stage of development and production.

Health and safety

  • Instilling health and safety leadership and accountability across all levels of the organization
  • Impacting global driving safety performance via ongoing education
  • Promoting risk management adherence for high risk activities

Operational excellence

  • Service delivery performance upgrades
  • Continual improvement through process-driven service delivery and full implementation of Halliburton management systems
  • Leadership visibility and accountability


  • Reducing local resource consumption (e.g. electricity, hydrocarbons, water)
  • Reducing, reusing, and recycling waste materials
  • Minimizing the operation’s environmental footprint