Stimulation Planning, Optimization and Placement

Cumulative Production Gain Exceeding 50% Using Chemically Treating Proppant

The completions in four offset wells were similar except that in one, the proppant was treated with a conductivity enhancement chemical. A comparison of the average production rates from the wells indicated that the well in which the proppant was treated with SandWedge conductivity enhancer, had a higher initial production, maintained higher production, and had a cumulative productions that was 50% higher (Fig. 1).

The production history of two sets of virtually identical South Texas wells show clearly that fracturing treatments using SandWedge coated proppant outperformed the wells fractured with sand only (Fig. 2). These wells were all completed within a 60-day period and are served by a common gas gathering system. The increased production was worth over $250,000 per well per year.