Tight Gas & Complex Gas

How Halliburton can help

Any service company working with tight gas assets must have a profound understanding of the reservoir. That’s Halliburton. Whatever the tight gas challenge, we have solutions to optimize that particular asset.

Creating more value by taking a holistic approach

Because no single technology determines success or failure in a particular tight gas reservoir, many individual solutions must be combined at different levels to create a total solution. In other words, a holistic approach is critical for producing maximum net value from the reservoir. Particularly formation evaluation and stimulation are interwoven throughout the tight gas development.

For tight gas development, the holistic approach starts and ends with Halliburton

To maximize profitability, our focus is on planning the well as a portfolio of assets rather than a single interval or formation. Indeed, on the research, analysis and planning side alone, our Technical Excellence Centers are the best equipped and staffed in the world to resolve the issues and maximize the value of the asset.

Halliburton puts producers right in the sweet spot while minimizing nonproductive time and optimizes the sweet spot potential

No two plays are exactly alike. Determining the best drilling and completion methods requires a thorough understanding of health, safety and environment issues, the reservoir and the ability to design and execute specialized drilling, stimulation, and production, methods minimize nonproductive time and to allow easy gas production long term.

The holistic approach is delivered through tight gas expertise in a collaborative team environment that has systematic workflows that allow for the unexpected to be discovered.


CYPHER® Seismic-to-Stimulation Service

A collaborative workflow designed to maximize production from unconventional reserves and lower your cost per BOE.