Halliburton Advantage

When it comes to shale, there is only one way to provide producers with the added-value they seek

As is true with shale gas, every shale oil play is also unique—so no single technology or plan will determine success or failure in a particular reservoir. In order to achieve optimal development, a holistic understanding of reservoir description, formation evaluation, reservoir modeling, stimulation design and execution is critical. That’s exactly what Halliburton can contribute. We are the service company that recognizes the need for custom solutions—and has used our unique holistic approach worldwide to successfully reduce the time to drill, optimize recovery rates, slow decline, and successfully address regulatory and environmental factors.

Global shale knowledge network

No one knows shale like Halliburton. Our knowledge is unequaled because Halliburton's shale network transfers and modifies best practices from around the world to achieve the best results, regardless of geology or geography.

In addition, our local teams and global shale specialists are a seamless, comprehensive resource that is constantly sharing knowledge. Within this network, new challenges are rapidly met by drawing on the experience of the entire team. Lessons learned in one area are leveraged to provide the best response in another reservoir in order to bring shale production on line quickly and economically. The result is a custom solution that can't be duplicated, a holistic answer that considers advantages achieved over the life of the asset. From field studies to wellbore optimization and the best fracturing design, if it's about optimizing shale production and efficiency, Halliburton has the solution.

Global infrastructure

Shale success demands the knowledge and efficiencies that come with a local presence and global resources. It takes both to put the right capabilities on the well location, when they are needed.

With offices in over 80 countries and major R&D technology centers around the world, Halliburton’s infrastructure is unequalled. We do it with a strong supplier relationship and a well established logistics organization. And our response to fast paced shale development is quick and dependable, thanks to local representatives and local inventory. Relationships with suppliers of key materials such as proppant, sand, and chemicals ensure availability of critical resources. And we are the only pressure pumping service company that manufactures its own assets, so the best equipment is available when it is needed, where it is needed.

Process and technology innovation

From the beginning, Halliburton engineers and scientists have been innovators in the development of shale reservoirs. That decades-long investment has yielded a deep understanding of shale. Our research has led to techniques for reusing treatment or produced water, thereby providing major environmental and logistical advantages.

Investment has also produced many technologies and solutions created specifically for shale that improve asset viability as a prospect and for the life of the well. These technologies provide predictable, reliable results that solve unique shale challenges in an environmentally sound manner. And they reduce shale development costs by enhancing the durability and efficiency of tools and systems.