Steam Placement & Production Control Along Entire Length of Horizontal Wells


One of the key factors that control production from steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) projects is the ability to generate and maintain an effective steam chamber associated with each individual SAGD well pair. The ability to precisely place steam along various points of the injector well and fluids in-flow along the producer wells would positively alter the way well pairs are operated.


Halliburton's down-hole flow control systems combine better temperature and pressure monitoring with the capability to control steam placement and production at multiple locations along SAGD wellbores and contribute to the following:

  • Allowing operators to optimize production more precisely along SAGD wellbores
  • Reducing lifting costs through potential reductions in steam oil ratio
  • Shutting down portions of wellbores without having to sacrifice an entire wellbore

Halliburton has traditionally used high-temperature sealants or cement in its reservoir conformance technology applications to divert steam flows from perforations in high-perm intervals and into perforations in low-perm intervals to recover bypassed oil inside reservoirs. To enhance its current steam placement and production control technologies, Halliburton is continually looking at an expanded range of steam optimization technologies as part of ongoing research into better optimizing heavy oil recovery.

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