Reservoir Fluid Characterization


Challenges of reservoir fluid characterization include overcoming the presence of fresh water in heavy oil and taking into account oil viscosity and permeability, accurate production and operational cost estimates, bringing in production on time, and accurately identifying infrastructure investments.


Halliburton experts have the knowledge and technologies necessary for quantification of oil in place, reserves estimation, identification of productive zones and cost optimization. Halliburton’s extensive heavy oil formation evaluation experience helps operators:

  • Improve evaluations by combining advanced technologies with conventional logs
  • Measure bulk volume of irreducible water and derive reliable permeability values
  • Differentiate between oil types and analyze their viscosities

The final result is a realistic estimation of production, extended rig time savings, promotion of early production and the commitment to adequate investment in infrastructure.

Halliburton's Key Products and Services

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Summary Summary CTN™ Compensated Thermal Neutron Sensor
LWD neutron porosity tool provides accurate formation porosity, fluid typing and lithology (in combination with density). Larger tools also feature an acoustic caliper, used to correct the neutron porosity measurement for borehole effects and to provide measurements of borehole size.
Summary Summary MRIL®-Prime Magnetic Resonance Imaging Logging Service
With an extremely high signal-to-noise ratio, our Magnetic Resonance Imaging Logging-Prime (MRIL®-Prime) service is engineered to look 360 degrees around the borehole. Combining our nine measurement volumes with our advanced acquisition and signal processing methods, all nine measurements can operate continuously and independently. What that means for you—faster logging, no idle time, and all applications accomplished in a single pass.
Summary Summary Wireline-Conveyed Armada® Fluid Sampling Tool (FST)
Production fluid analysis is needed to determine physical and chemical properties that affect recovery rates, economics, and flow assurance during the life cycle of the well. Simply taking your sample from surface will give only a partial picture. Our wireline-conveyed Armada® Fluid Sampling Tool (FST) collects single-phase (pressure/volume/temperature (PVT) quality) samples downhole, directly in front of your target reservoir.
Summary Summary Reservoir Description Tool (RDT™) Tool
Wireline formation pressure testing and sampling runs should be quick, completed in a single descent, provide pure single phase fluid samples, and deliver the required pressure tests along with the associated mobilities and pressure gradients. The Halliburton Reservoir Description Tool (RDT™) employs several best in class features to help you meet these goals.
Summary Summary Armada® Sampling System
The Armada® sampling system is Halliburton’s next-generation fluid sampling solution designed for cased-hole environments ranging from normal to heavy/viscous to hostile.
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