Optimizing Operations with Multilateral Solutions


In many heavy oil fields it is no longer enough to produce from a single horizontal well. Often, these fields have extremely thick pay zones with high viscosity/low mobility crude and multiple locations must be exploited to realize return on investment. Many operators need to find ways to increase the amount of reservoir exposure by simultaneously increasing production capability and reducing overall field development.


Halliburton’s multilateral systems help enable production of multiple reservoirs or multiple areas within a reservoir. In heavy oil plays, proven multilateral technology connects a lateral wellbore (or multiple lateral wellbores) to the main borehole at the multilateral junction. The junction can be designed for a new well application or created in an existing wellbore for a re-entry application where, from the lateral bore, supplementary lateral branches are added to access additional reservoir targets. The main and lateral bore designs accommodate the entire range of vertical to horizontal applications, with the multilateral system selection based on the individual requirements of the heavy oil or oil sand reservoir.

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