Lowering Environmental Impact and Waste Management Costs


The development of in-situ heavy oil assets requires a very high concentration of wells in a confined, environmentally sensitive area. Reducing the cost and environmental impact associated with drilling and production operations is an important element in the overall economic development equation. With the dramatic increase of in-situ development projects, local communities, operators and industry regulators are looking for ways to reduce the impact of their operations on the environment—while at the same time reducing their overall project costs. Implementation of significant drilling and production waste management solutions that target the four R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle and recover) will require a full lifecycle and multi-operator approach in order to derive the greatest benefit for the combined stakeholders.


Halliburton’s drilling and production waste management services offer multiple benefits:

  • Reduced generation of waste by design (up to 22% less waste disposal volume)
  • Reduced transportation costs, manpower requirements and HSE risks (less rig-site waste handling activity)
  • Reduced drilling fluids and waste management related operating costs (36% lower fluids cost)
  • Recovered saleable oil from waste streams (275 bbls/well)
  • Reduced freshwater requirements (recycle 20% of water from drilling fluids)
  • Reduced pad construction material required (92 cubic meters of drilling cuttings reused).

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