Inter-well Placement Uncertainty


In order to generate an efficient steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) recovery mechanism, it is critical that the over-lying steam injection well be positioned over top of the under-lying producer well and that the inter-well distance between these two wellbores stay well within the target distance. Poor inter-well placement negatively impacts production rates, well life and ultimate recovery from these heavy oil reservoirs.


The key to achieving superior inter-well placement is active magnetic ranging. Halliburton, the pioneer and leader in SAGD directional drilling services, maximizes production rates, increases recovery factors, and extends asset longevity by:

  • Increasing the proportion of wellbore within targeted position in the reservoir
  • Optimizing steam injector wellbore placement within the desired radial distance of producer well
  • Reducing likelihood of premature steam breakthrough to producer well (which increases productive life of SAGD well pair)
  • Reducing likelihood of inefficient oil drainage to producer well (increase productive life of SAGD well pair).

Halliburton also helps mitigate risks before and during drilling operations by:

  • Reducing uncertainty through a dynamic, interactive model-measure-optimize process
  • Improving decision quality and reducing cycle-time via extensive pre-well planning.

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Summary Summary Electromagnetic Telemetry (EMT) System
EMT system allows data transmission without a continuous fluid column, providing an alternative to negative and positive pulse systems.
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