Complex Ultra-Heavy Oil Operations Environment


The handful of companies that are operating oil sands thermal in-situ assets in Canada are pioneering the most complex, land-based oil development projects in the world. Operators have a very complex environment to contend with given the high wellbore densities, heavily instrumented wells, extensive steam generation and production treating facilities and control requirements, plus the intensive upgrading and specialized refining, required to convert bitumen resources into marketable products. Tighter integration between data acquisition, analysis and control systems is required to effectively operate these assets in order to lower overall lifting costs per barrel.


Halliburton’s integrated production operations systems environment offers a technologically advanced, value added solution. By investing in real-time production optimization environments, steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) operators will be able to:

  • Tightly integrate supporting data and workflows
  • Shorten decision cycle-times and more effort focused on analyzing trends
  • Refine SAGD production engineering protocols
  • Improve process standardization.

In turn, these process improvements will contribute to:

  • Increased production per well pair
  • Higher bitumen recovery factors
  • Reduced production down time.

The achievement of these improvements will significantly lower lifting costs per barrel for SAGD projects.