Azimuthal Uncertainty


Heavy oil operators want to drill accurate wells without risking expensive wellbore collisions. Wells may be drilled up to 40 meters off course (desired compass bearing), potentially putting flank wells outside the targeted reservoir. Magnetic storm activity also threatens wellbore position but stopping to wait for storms to subside is very costly. Operators also need to be certain their horizontal wells are drilled with proper proximity to observation wells. Others may wish to intersect wells but feel they cannot do so with existing technology.


Halliburton’s technologies provide a real-time survey correction service that’s unique to the industry. These technologies help:

  • Reduce survey uncertainty by a factor of two
  • Drill tight and complex patterns with minimal collision risks
  • Continue drilling through magnetic storms without sacrificing accuracy or valuable rig time while waiting for storms to subside
  • Increase the success rate of well intersection drilling
  • Optimize drainage of reservoirs by reducing position errors.

Azimuthal Uncertainty

Halliburton's Key Technologies

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