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Halliburton has the global experience, reservoir knowledge and technical expertise to help operators extend well production and improve asset recovery from mature fields. We've worked in all major oil and gas producing basins across the globe, delivering well and field solutions to address your unique challenges in mature fields. Click on the case studies below to read more about our mature fields solutions.

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Summary Summary Why Can’t We Apply Advanced Technologies More Often to Vertical Wells in Mature Fields?
So, can we not apply advanced technologies more often to mature vertical wells? We can, but two factors need to be considered when doing so—technology and cost.
Summary Summary World Oil: Jeff Miller shares his vision for Halliburton's future
In an exclusive interview at the company's headquarters in north Houston, Halliburton President Jeff Miller, newly named as CEO, visited with Gulf Publishing Vice President Ron Higgins and Editor-in-Chief Kurt Abraham, to outline his thoughts and priorities for the firm's next few years.
Summary Summary Halliburton developed a more efficient way to recomplete heavy oil wells in Canada
Canadian Natural Resources increased production with novel Halliburton re-perforation method
Summary Summary DFG™ software helps Husky Oil avoid lost circulation events and save US$24,500
Drilling Fluids Graphics (DFG™) Software Helps Prevent Lost Circulation
Summary Summary Combo LCM pills save operator US$50,000 and prevent hole collapse
Pills built with STOPPIT® and HYDRO-PLUG® lost circulation materials can cure total losses and prevent wellbore collapse
Summary Summary BOREMAX® system saves operator US$180,000 in rig time
BOREMAX® System Customized with BXR™-L and BDF™-490 Shale Stabilizers Saves Six Days of Rig Time
Summary Summary Customized Fluid and Right-Size Shaker Screen Solution Saves Rig 17 Hours
Saturated-Salt Fluid and Right-Size Screens Safely Deliver Gauge Hole, Saving Time on Exploration Well
Summary Summary CLAY GRABBER® improves efficiency and dilution rate, saving US$35,000
CLAY GRABBER® clay encapsulator injection at centrifuges reduces water demand, improves drilling performance and saves US$35,000
Summary Summary Static loss rate drops 87% after use of DUO-SQUEEZE® R LCM pills
Plugging Perforations with Engineered LCM Pills Saves Operator US$500,000 in Rig Time and Eliminates Cement Plug Operation
Summary Summary N-FLOW™ 325 breaker boosts production in 2,867-m lateral
Customized delayed-reaction N-FLOW™ 325 breaker system helps ensure effective filter cake removal throughout longest lateral in the Al-Khalij field
Summary Summary STOPPIT® LCM Pills Cure Loss Rate for Oman Operator
STOPPIT® LCM Pills Cure Severe Losses, Eliminating Need for Cement Plug
Summary Summary Static loss rate drops to zero after use of DUO-SQUEEZE® R LCM pills
Plugging Perforations with Engineered DUO-SQUEEZE® R LCM Pills Saves Operator US$200,000 on Sidetrack Operation
Summary Summary Production quadruples after N-FLOW™ 325 treatment
Delayed-reaction N-FLOW™ 325 breaker system helps increase production from 1,000 bbl/day to 4,000 bbl/day
Summary Summary N-FLOW™ 325 treatment boosts production from 100 bpd to 600 bpd
Delayed-reaction N-FLOW™ 325 breaker system helps increase production from 100 bbl/day to 600 bbl/day, saving US$500,000 in rig time
Summary Summary STICK-LESS 20® lubricant beads smooth the path for whipstock
STICK-LESS 20® Lubricant Beads Reduce Drag 85–90% and Enable Whipstock to Reach Target Depth
Summary Summary BaraShield®-664 - Sales Data Sheet
Halliburton Baroid’s BaraShield -664 lost circulation material (LCM) is designed to help prevent and remediate lost circulation by quickly sealing a wide range of fractures in permeable and impermeable formations and remediate fluid losses when utilized as a LCM pill.
Summary Summary N-FLOW™ 325 Delayed-Reaction Breaker System Freed Differentially Stuck Pipe
N-FLOW™ 325 Delayed-Reaction Breaker System Frees Differentially Stuck Pipe
Summary Summary Casing Set Successfully at Planned Depth After Engineered LCM Pills Cure Total Losses
Casing Set Successfully at Planned Depth After Engineered LCM Pills Cure Total Losses
Summary Summary HYDRO-PLUG® LCM Pill Cures Losses in Perforated Zone
HYDRO-PLUG® LCM Pill Cures Losses in Perforated Zone, Eliminating Need for USD 50,000 Cement Squeeze
Summary Summary GeoBalance® Barrier Spacer Prevents Commingling of Mud Cap
GeoBalance® Barrier Spacer Prevents Commingling of Mud Cap and BARADRIL-N® System During Trips in Horizontal Wellbore
Summary Summary Drill-in fluid and delayed breaker deliver 104% return permeability
BARADRIL-N® drill-in fluid and N-FLOW™ 408 filter cake breaker help operator maximize productivity in a mature field
Summary Summary BaraXcel™ HP NAF System Enables Operator to Drill Wolfcamp Well in Record Time
BaraXcel™ HP NAF System Enables Operator to Drill Wolfcamp Well in Record Time
Summary Summary BARADRIL-N® Reservoir Drilling Fluid Delivers Zero NPT on Field's Longest Lateral
The 7,074-foot (2,156-meter) lateral was drilled successfully with zero NPT, extending 58 percent farther than offset wellbores, with high ROP.
Summary Summary BaraShield®-664 & BaraLock®-666 LCMs Help Cure Total Losses & Improve Cement Job in Known Thief Zone
Engineered BaraShield®-664 and BaraLock®-666 sweeps and LCM squeeze pills were used throughout the interval to seal and heal the wellbore.
Summary Summary BaraH2O™ Slop Treatment Unit Delivers Cost Reduction and Safer Operations
A major operator in the UK North Sea was generating large volumes of slop fluids, which were sent to shore for processing and disposal. The goal was to reduce the volume of slop fluids and the associated costs.
Summary Summary Oman: HYDRO-GUARD® WBM Saves Six Days on Long 12-1/4-Inch Section with Reactive Clays, Potential Loss Zones
The 12-1/4-inch section was the longest interval of the well, with a planned casing setting depth of approximately 3,600 meters (11,811 feet). Three reactive clay formations would be encountered while drilling this section: the Natih D, Nahr Umr, and Gharif shales. On previous wells, these formations had destabilized, resulting in excessive backreaming during trips and hole pack-off conditions.
Summary Summary Texas, USA: BaraMesh® Shaker Screens Reduce Screen Usage Up to 66% on Three 18,000-ft Wells
A rig in the Permian Basin was equipped with three NOV Brandt™ KING COBRA™ VENOM™ Shakers, each with four screens. The drilling contractor was responsible for providing shaker screens per the drilling contract, so the rig manager was interested in reducing the number of screen changes and related costs.
Summary Summary BaraBlend®-657 and BARAFLAKE® C LCM Combo Reduces Static Loss Rate to Zero
The operator was able to perform a cement squeeze and to sidetrack the well with no further disruptions.
Summary Summary Colombia: BaraBlend®-665/BaraLock®-666 LCM Pill Restores Circulation, Supports Successful Cement Plug
A customer in Colombia experienced severe lost circulation issues when drilling through depleted sandstone. High-volume losses were a known risk in the area due to faulting, and pore pressures ranged between 3.0 ppg and 4.0 ppg.
Summary Summary BaraMesh® Shaker Screens Outperform Competitor, Saving USD 10,000 Per Well
An operator in south Oman was faced with several issues related to solids control efficiency. Utilizing BaraMesh® shale shaker screens proved to be the optimal solution for the operator to increase performance and reduce costs.
Summary Summary Custom LCM blend stops total losses in fractured limestone
BaraBlend®-665 LCM and BaraLock®-666 LCM halt total losses in fractured limestone, saving 4.8 days of drilling and US$556,000
Summary Summary Mobile VCD Saves Operator over $300K in OBM Recovery and Waste Volume Reduction
Mobile VCD Saves Operator over $300K in OBM Recovery and Waste Volume Reduction
Summary Summary CLAYSEAL® PLUS Shale Stabilizer Helps Operator Save Helps Operator Save Four Days of Rig Time and Almost USD 200,000
The first horizontal well in Argentina’s Diadema field targeted the Upper Garnet Zone (UGZ) formation, a highly permeable sandstone with interbedded clay stringers. A water-based mud (WBM) formulated with potassium formate brine was selected to drill this reservoir. The potassium formate concentration was approximately 10 l/m3, which was expected to help inhibit reactive clays while minimizing formation damage.
Summary Summary CLAYSEAL® PLUS™ Shale Stabilizer Saves Operator US$150,000
Solution helps minimize swelling clay, shorten trip time.
Summary Summary HYDRO-GUARD® Water-Based Drilling Fluid System Stabilizes Problem Salt/Shale Formation
Saturated-salt HYDRO-GUARD® WBM replaced OBM in a trial well, providing the same drilling performance.
Summary Summary LCM Blend Stops Severe Losses in One Treatment
Losses Cured with Blended BaraBlend®-665 and BaraLock®-666 LCM Pill, Resulting in Casing Run with 100 Percent Returns
Summary Summary Operator Recovers 500+ bbl OBM, Saves $70K with Mobile Vertical
An Operator Recovers 500+ bbl OBM, Saves $70K with Mobile Vertical Cuttings Dryer
Summary Summary BARADRIL-N® system delivers reservoir, replaces formate system
BARADRIL-N® reservoir drill-in fluid (RDF-615) helps operator achieve successful screen installation and save five days of rig time
Summary Summary CLAYSEAL® PLUS™ Shale Stabilizer and BARACOR® 95™ Corrosion Inhibitor Save Four Days of Rig Time
Solution helps minimize wellbore instability.
Summary Summary Combo pills provide Immediate Impact Intervention Solution through rapid seal in severe loss zone
Engineered Combo Pills with BAROFIBRE®, STEELSEAL® and N-SEAL™ LCMs Helped Stop Losses Quickly, Provide Immediate Impact Solution
Summary Summary HYDRO-GUARD® system and STEELSEAL® LCM help eliminate casing run
HYDRO-GUARD® system and STEELSEAL® LCM bridging treatment help eliminate casing run in depleted zones
Summary Summary N-FLOW™ 325 Breaker System Frees Differentially Stuck Pipe in Depleted Sand, Saving USD 1.1M
Successful breaker treatment saves operator several days of rig time
Summary Summary Perfect displacement achieved despite restricted pump rate
Displacement optimized with BaraKlean-648 casing cleaner delivers successful wellbore cleanout with restricted pump rate
Summary Summary INNOVERT® Solution Enables Operator to Complete Long Lateral Section in Combo Well
During well planning the customer decided to extend the well’s horizontal reservoir section from 17,751 ft (5,411 meters) to 27,751 ft (8,459 meters), with a lateral section of 18,674 ft (5,692 meters). This operation was the first time the customer had combined two reservoir intervals, and it involved running and installing the longest liner section in the UAE at the time: 18,824 ft (5,738 meters) of a 6-5/8-inch slotted liner.
Summary Summary DFG™ software helps formulate proper weighted pill density to improve wellbore stability
Drilling Fluids Graphics (DFG™) software helps formulate proper weighted pill density to improve wellbore stability
Summary Summary BaraKlean-648 cleaner strips heavy wax from completion assembly
BaraKlean-648 casing cleaner helps remove wax in wellbore cleanout limited by low pit and pump rate capacities
Summary Summary Optimized Fluids Help Operator Save $2.96 Million
Solution saves 37 days of drilling time, achieving field record
Summary Summary Customized LCM Squeeze Pill Cures Losses in Depleted Sandstones and Eliminates Additional Trips
STOPPIT® LCM enables exceptional fracture plugging, saving operator time and money.
Summary Summary XLR-RATE™ ROP Enhancer Saves Two Days of Rig Time and US$250,000
Solution helps prevent bit balling in reactive clay, displacing competitor.
Summary Summary STOPPIT® LCM in High-Vis Pills Helps Prevent Losses in Vugular Formation, Saves $50K in Rig Time
An operator in the vugular UER formation needed a proactive solution that would prevent or minimize losses while drilling a 16-inch hole.
Summary Summary High-Performance WBM with CLAYSEAL® PLUS Shale Stabilizer Eliminates Need for OBM for Monobores in Shale Play
An engineered WBM containing CLAYSEAL® PLUS shale stabilizer and an effective lubricant helped deliver performance on par with OBM without the environmental impact.
Summary Summary Saudi Arabia: INNOVERT® OBM System Remains Stable During Seven-day Logging Operation
System eliminates need for mud conditioning trip, saving time and money.
Summary Summary INNOVERT® HPOBM and STEELSEAL® LCM overcome saltwater influx, concurrent losses
Summary Summary BaraLogix® Services Enable Operator to Maintain Stable Wellbore in HPHT Conditions
Baroid installed the BaraLogix® Density and Rheology Unit (DRU) at the rigsite and provided a team of BaraLogix engineers to continuously monitor fluid properties while drilling the problematic hole section.
Summary Summary Clay-Free DRIL-N® Fluid Helps Prevent Instability, Formation Damage on Depleted Deepwater Injector
Reservoir drilling fluid enables operator to reach target zone ahead of plan
Summary Summary BRINEDRIL-N® and BARADRIL-N® Systems Successfully Drilled Longest Offshore Well on Location
UAE: BRINEDRIL-N and BARADRIL-N Systems Successfully Drilled Longest Offshore Well on Location
Summary Summary BAROLIFT® Outperforms High-Vis Sweeps in Milling and Fishing Operation
The Baroid team recommended using BAROLIFT® sweeping agent to clean the debris and cuttings from the hole while at the same time having no impact on the overall system mud properties and minimizing the need to spend time diluting the active system.
Summary Summary LCM Treatment Help Reduce Losses by 47% in High-perm Formation
BaraShield®-663 and BaraShield®-664 LCM Treatment Help Reduce Losses by 47% in High-Perm Formation
Summary Summary N-FLOW™ -325 Breaker System Increases Production by 30% in Giant Boscán Heavy Oil Field
N-FLOW™ -325 Breaker System Increases Production by 30% in Giant Boscán Heavy Oil Field
Summary Summary Halliburton Integrated Well Intervention Vessel (IWIV) Spearheads Operational Efficiency in Gravel Packing
Halliburton recommended the deployment of an Integrated Well Intervention Vessel (IWIV) to perform a gravel-pack treatment in Malaysia which shortened a 14-day operation to just 36 hours.
Summary Summary Kuwait Oil Company now produces more than 1000 barrels of oil per day from wells that had not produced anything for 15+ years.
SurgiFrac® NWB Service created microfractures that helped avoid gas breakthrough from nearby zone.
Summary Summary AccessFrac® Stimulation Service Improves Cluster Efficiency Without Quantifying Stresses
The limited availability of diagnostic data for multiple wells in Oklahoma hindered the operators’ ability to effectively design a limited-entry perforating scheme, along with stimulation treatments. AccessFrac® stimulation service was deployed in an attempt to improve cluster efficiency and ultimate recovery from the wells. Wells utilizing AccessFrac service showed initial production rates 2.7 to 3.2 times higher than comparable offsets.
Summary Summary RapidStage® Systems Provide Game-Changing Operational Efficiencies to Mature Field
First successful multistage fracturing treatment performed in Kuwait
Summary Summary Halliburton’s KelaStimSM Service
In the offshores waters of Angola, a principal customer was losing production from one of its best wells.
Summary Summary SafeguardSM Service
Safeguard risk prevention service is based on API RP75. Its components can be applied at any phase of a project from conception to completion.
Summary Summary SentinelCem™ Cement Cures Losses Successfully in Heavily Fractured Carbonate Formation in Southern Oman
Halliburton solution represents paradigm shift in lost circulation management.
Summary Summary Forming an ice barrier to secure access and recover fish from frac stack
Boots & Coots Special Services Team Provides Barriers to Control and Gain Access to Well.
Summary Summary Project Management Service Utilizes Technologies to Deliver Wells Ahead of Schedule
An operator utilized Halliburton Project Management (HPM) to increase overall productivity while decreasing the overall risks involved in the development of wells in the Zubair field in Basra, Iraq.
Summary Summary Boots & Coots Regains Control of Well After Blowout Occurs During Workover Operation
The Boots & Coots well control team was mobilized to the location to assess the situation and assist the operator on the response plan and operation. The team initially inspected and assessed the conditions of the barge and well. Gas was flowing into the lake bed and then to the water surface where it had caught fire.
Summary Summary Well Construction Drilling Record
A client turned to Halliburton to perform their 2016-2017 drilling campaign in order to maintain production in the Napo Basin of Ecuador.
Summary Summary Integrated Drilling and Logging Approach Maximizes Formation Reservoir Exposure
The Halliburton product service line’s 24/7 support – both in-house and within the integrated real-time operation center (iROC) – ensured that every wellbore section, including the depleted reservoir interval, was drilled with minimal fluid losses and that the wellbore was at total depth (TD) before the oil-water contact (OWC).
Summary Summary Well Construction Performance Shaves More Than Eight Days Off of Plan in Rumaila Field
Halliburton Consulting and Project Management (CPM) created a synergy between all groups involved in the well construction, including Halliburton product service lines (PSLs) and third parties, in order to deliver the well objectives by applying practical solutions.
Summary Summary Drilling Optimization in Karim Small Field Saves Medco 16 Percent on Drilling Time
Halliburton Project Management (HPM) was tasked with optimizing the drilling performance of Medco Arabia Ltd. in its development drilling campaign in the Karim Small Fields (KSF) region of southern Oman.
Summary Summary In the Caspian Sea, Boots & Coots caps an offshore well from a derrick barge
Boots & Coots Well Control caps an offshore well in shallow water, in the Caspian Sea
Summary Summary In 1924, Myron Kinley Kick-Starts the Well Control Industry with a Bang
Most well control methods and technologies used today trace their roots back to one man: Myron Kinley
Summary Summary Hot Tapping Services
The Boots & Coots Hot Tap unit is a small, yet heavy-duty, industrial-size design that allows its operator to maneuver into confined spaces, to tap a port into pressurized pipe or small valves to bleed or pump off trapped pressure.
Summary Summary Cryogenic Freeze Services
The Boots & Coot’s Cryogenic Freeze service provides a temporary ice plug to maintain pressure while facilitating the repair or removal of defective downhole components.
Summary Summary 15K Gate-Valve Drilling Unit
The Boots & Coots newly engineered pneumatic 15K Gate-Valve Drilling Unit is specially designed to drill or enlarge gate valves or ball valves that have become inoperative and threaten well integrity. The wholly redesigned Gate-Valve Drilling tool enlarges the bore to allow wellbore intervention with coiled tubing or wireline.
Summary Summary Integrated Well Intervention Project Successfully Completes First Dual-Annuli Heavy Cement Remediation
In the early 1980s, an operator offshore Brunei had a well drilled and completed with sustained “B” annulus pressure up to
Summary Summary Successful Drilling of an Exploratory Well 30 Days Ahead of Schedule
Drilled the deepest exploratory well in the basin.
Summary Summary Mature Fields - Abandonment
Rob Hull, Director of Global Technical Solutions, describes well abandonment in mature fields.
Summary Summary Mature Fields - Refracturing
Rob Hull, Director of Global Technical Solutions, describes the benefit of refracturing in mature fields.
Summary Summary Back to the future?
Today’s tough times call for new attitudes about mature fields.
Summary Summary Назад в будущее?
Непростые времена заставляют по-новому оценивать зрелые месторождения.
Summary Summary American Oil & Gas Reporter: Outlook 2015: Q&A State of the Industry
A special Q&A with Halliburton's Jeff Miller providing insights on general market expectations as well as specific focal points of technology development in 2015 and beyond.
Summary Summary What is a mature field?
Rob Hull, Director of Global Technical Solutions, describes the characteristics of a mature field.
Summary Summary UpLift® Mature Fields Service
With our UpLift® mature fields service, we work with you to identify and deliver the right combination of cost-effective solutions that can help you extend the life of your well or field beyond the decline curve.
Summary Summary Mature Fields - Challenges
Rob Hull, Director of Global Technical Solutions, describes the challenges mature fields present for operators.
Summary Summary W&T Offshore Reaches New Pay Zone with GeoBalance® Managed Pressure Drilling Service
MPD service maximizes asset value in Mahogany field
Summary Summary Intercept® Retrievable Bridge Plug Provides V0 Barrier on Two Batch Wells with Zero NPT
Halliburton retrievable bridge plug helps ensure stability and safety
Summary Summary Halliburton PinPoint Injection (PPI) Packer Isolates Multiple Zones in a Single Trip
Record Treatment Length Reduces Operating Cost
Summary Summary Halliburton Retrievable Tools Save Operator $750,000
Engineered Single-Trip Completion Solution Reduces Time and Cost
Summary Summary Intercept® Retrievable Bridge Plug is Successfully Installed and Then Retrieved After Nine Months in Wellbore
Halliburton Retrievable Bridge Plug Provides Gas-Tight, V-0 Grade Barrier
Summary Summary SmartPlex® System Fun Fact Flyer
Multizone Reservoir Management Made Simple
Summary Summary Auto-Gas Lift: SmartWell® System Collaboration Driving Success in Indonesia
Collaboration was the key to success for a recent project in Jakarta, Indonesia, when two key Halliburton technologies helped a customer successfully complete its well and prompted significant interest in SmartWell® completion systems throughout Indonesia and the Asia Pacific Region.
Summary Summary Intelligent Completion in System Provides Operator Solutions in the Remote Niger Delta
The Nigerian subsidiary of an international oil company wanted to pilot test intelligent completion technology in one of the largest fields in the western swamp area. However, the remoteness and the peculiar operating environment in the Niger Delta made installation of surface equipment required to operate/communicate with the downhole intelligent completion equipment a challenge.
Summary Summary Intelligent Completion Technology Enables Selective Injection and Production in Mature Field Offshore China
One operator in the South China Sea was operating in a mature field that had been producing for approximately seven years, and had experienced a relatively steep production decline. The legacy single-string completions installed in the water injector wells prevented the operator from distributing injection rates across the heterogeneous reservoir. This affected the pressure maintenance of the field, resulting in a decline of the reservoir pressure at a higher rate than desired.
Summary Summary eRED® Valve Provides Efficiencies and Time Savings in Downhole Operations
Valve Operates Remotely After 23 Months Down Hole
Summary Summary Remotely operated Evo-RED® bridge plugs achieve new run record
A major operator in Norway was looking for a way to efficiently carry out a plug and abandonment operation on its well. However, the operation proved to be a challenge due to gas buildup in the annular region.
Summary Summary Dual eRED® valves save 30+ hours of rig time for two wells
In the Rong Doi field, Korea National Oil Corporation (KNOC) wanted to test against a plug above the packer to ensure tubing integrity before setting the packer on wells RD-9P and RD-8P in Block 11-2. After a good tubing test was determined, KNOC would then set the packer against the plug that sits below the packer. However, repeatedly setting and removing the plug and prong in the landing string can take up a lot of valuable rig time.
Summary Summary eRED® Valve Replaces Ball-Drop Method to Set Hydraulic Packer
Chevron had previously experienced some challenges when dropping a ball to set a hydraulic packer on another well. Faced with a similar situation on a highly deviated well with a long horizontal section, Chevron recognized the potential for issues when they needed to set the packer.
Summary Summary eMotion®-LV Barrier Valve Saves 29 Hours Rig Time
Interventions eliminated during packer-setting operations - saving time and removing risk
Summary Summary Successful Auto Gas-Lift Using Intelligent Completion Boosted Oil Production
A major customer operating in a mature field in Oman had a few wells that were shut-in due to insufficient reservoir pressure to sustain natural flow. This was adversely impacting field production and eroding project value.
Summary Summary Complex Subsea ESTMZ™ System and Intelligent Completion Technology Saves Customer Major Setbacks
The reservoir had gas accumulation over 1,200 feet in eight separate zones; however, only six zones were commercially viable. Initial data suggested that 40% of the gas resources were located in one zone, while another zone had a high risk of early water breakthrough.
Summary Summary eRED® Valves Save 88 Hours of Rig Time for Upper Completion Project
Remotely Operated Valves Eliminate Requirement of Costly Intervention
Summary Summary SmartWell® Electro-Hydraulic Disconnect tool facilitates reliable disconnect and reconnect of tubing and umbilicals for Petrobras well
On the Carapeba-47 field in Brazil, Petrobras wanted to field trial a first-of-its-kind technology that would disconnect and reconnect the electric and hydraulic lines of an intelligent completion. Halliburton facilitates running intelligent completions in wells that will require periodic workovers.
Summary Summary Mexico / Asia: GeoBalance™ Managed Pressure Drilling Service Cuts Drilling Time in Half Sign in required
Two case histories: 1. GeoBalance Managed Pressure Drilling Service Cuts Drilling Time in Half 2. GeoBalance Underbalanced Drilling Service Minimizes Reservoir Damage and Increases Production
Summary Summary India: GeoBalance® Managed Pressure Drilling Service Helps Save Rig Time in Fractured Granite Sign in required
In particular, the 8 ½-inch hole lateral section proved difficult to support in the fractured formation, with well control and drilling problems increasing costs substantially. The operator sought a solution that would mitigate well control incidents and facilitate drilling of the critical production hole.
Summary Summary Hercules™ Horizontal Pumping System Brochure
Versatile horizontal surface pumping system for conventional or unconventional plays
Summary Summary SECURE Energy Services Relies on Summit ESP® Horizontal Pumping Systems for Pipeline Operations
Summit ESP® delivers on Kerrobert light oil pipeline system with superior product and service
Summary Summary Tiger Shark® II Pump Extends Run Life and Decreases Workover Costs
Revenue Increase On Average by $1.1 Million USD Per Year Per Well
Summary Summary CleanWell® System Technology
CleanWell® System Technology provides a single-trip solution for drill out, cleanout and displacement to efficiently collect and remove more debris than conventional cleanout systems.
Summary Summary CleanWell® Solutions Enable Operator to Avoid Losses in the Upper Lateral Section
Cost-Effective Cleanup Program Helps Eliminate Non-Productive Time
Summary Summary EquiFlow Inflow Control Device (ICD) for SAGD
In the heavy oil environments where SAGD techniques are often used, operators face unique challenges for efficient recovery.
Summary Summary Advance-MZ System
Effective single-trip multizone system, with increased overall length, that providesclose-spacing and zonal control capabilities
Summary Summary PetroGuard Openhole Shunt System
Enhance long-interval gravel packs with an improved shunt system.
Summary Summary Illusion® Frac Plug Helps Eliminate High-Risk Millout Operations
A major operator drilling in the Bakken and Three Forks formations in the Williston Basin was concerned about depleted reservoir conditions due to close well spacing. The operator needed a solution that would eliminate the wellbore intervention step required to clean out traditional composite frac plugs.
Summary Summary First Single-Trip Multizone (STMZ™) Gravel Pack Installation
Petronas Carigali Vietnam Limited (PCVL) needed to complete four wells with two or three zones per well that required gravel pack and reduce rig time to minimize the time-to-completion of each well for a sand control project in Vietnam.
Summary Summary EquiFlow® AICD deployment more than triples oil production for major operator in the Middle East
A major operator in the Middle East had a water control issue in a heterogeneous, highly fractured carbonate reservoir. After it was drilled and completed with electrical submersible pumps (ESPs) in early 2011, the well showed very high water production and fracture behavior with an initial water cut of approximately 65% against 880 bopd.
Summary Summary EquiFlow AICD - Short Version
EquiFlow AICD animation
Summary Summary EquiFlow Autonomous Inflow Control Device
Animation of EquiFlow Autonomous Inflow Control Device: Next generation ICD increases recoverable reserves and extends well production.
Summary Summary MatchSet™ Hydraulic Latch Landing Collar with Ball Catcher
Plug latching mechanism with ball seat for liner hanger setting
Summary Summary MatchSet™ Tieback Receptacle
High integrity honed sealbores in varying lengths
Summary Summary MatchSet™ Liner Hanger with Integral Liner-Top Packer
Integral liner hanger system for highly deviated or horizontal wells
Summary Summary MatchSet™Setting Sleeve for Liner Hanger
Setting and releasing functionality for liner hanger systems
Summary Summary MatchSet™ Integral Tieback Packer and Tieback Seal Assembly
Liner-top isolation with bi-directional anchoring capability
Summary Summary MatchSet™ Tieback Seal Assembly
Extension of the liner casing string from the tieback receptacle to surface
Summary Summary MatchSet™ Liner-Top Packer
High-performance packer for reliable liner-top seal
Summary Summary MatchSet™ Pocket-Slip Liner Hanger
Protected slips designed for highly deviated or horizontal wells
Summary Summary CleanWell® System Technology
CleanWell® System Technology provides a single-trip solution for drill out, cleanout and displacement to efficiently collect and remove more debris than conventional cleanout systems.
Summary Summary Swell Technology Systems for Well Construction
Enhance Well Integrity with Reliable Isolation Solutions
Summary Summary Halliburton Shifts to Success in Eastern European Sea
Since 2008, a major operator has been pursuing a highly specialized solution for stimulating their wells in an Eastern European Sea development project. In completing the final wells of their offshore reentry unconventional campaign, the key challenge they faced was finding a viable solution to selectively stimulate multiple independent zones in openhole horizontal applications that were drilled from existing vertical wellbores.
Summary Summary Integrated Solution More Than Doubles Reservoir Contact
Halliburton Multilateral Services and Intelligent Completions Optimizes Oil Production Offshore Saudi Arabia
Summary Summary Mirage® Plug Turns 3 Hours of Rig Time Into 20 Minutes
A major customer in Malaysia challenged Halliburton to design a single horizontal openhole completion for 18 of their wells.
Summary Summary EquiFlow AICD helped Repsol recover extra 21,000 barrels of oil
EquiFlow AICD reduced water production 34%, increased oil recovery up to 16%, and had a dramatic return on investment.
Summary Summary New wireline technique for closing RapidShift® sleeves takes less than half the time of conventional methods using coiled tubing
Modified WellTec wireline tractor helps manipulate sleeves and manage reservoir in three wells.
Summary Summary Modified Swellpacker® Isolation System Helps Operator Simplify Workover Operations
Halliburton helps operator re-complete well while saving time and money
Summary Summary ZoneGuard® HE Packer Helps Reduce NPT For Operator
Summary Summary Combining Cement and Swell Technology Results in Effective Well Control and Reliable Zonal Isolation Behind Casing
Summary Summary CleanWell® Technology Saves Two Days of Rig Time Offshore
Drill Tech® Scrapers Help Operator Save $850,000
Summary Summary RapidStart® Initiator sleeve beats harsh conditions and opens after 217 days in HPHT Haynesville wellbore
One major operator in the Haynesville approached Halliburton for a viable solution to their challenges on an upcoming multi-well project. The first challenge was the need for a toe sleeve that would work reliably under HPHT conditions. The second challenge was that the toe sleeve would need to be installed as part of the drilling campaign and successfully activated potentially months later when a fracturing crew was available.
Summary Summary CleanWell® Technology Saves $1.6 Million on Two Wells
Drill Tech® Scrapers Help Save Four Days of Rig Time
Summary Summary Swellpacker® system is used as an anchor to provide torque for liner hanger running tool
A major customer operating in the Norwegian Continental Shelf planned to utilize a traditional completion method on their well. The method required 4 ½-in. tubing hanging inside the 7-in. parent liner with a screen section in the 6-in. hole.
Summary Summary Open-hole, multizone completions drive development of single-trip sand control technologies - Drilling Contractor July 2017
Reducing completion times – Endurance Hydraulic Screen®
Summary Summary Control System Optimizes Production - OTC Show Daily May 2016
Technology allows users to close ICVs from any position and also allows for multistep positioning, reducing the number of pressure cycles needed to step through the positions of an ICV.
Summary Summary Inflow Tech® Packer Enables Operator to Identify Liner-top Leaks in Long and Complex Big-Bore ERD Well
Packer performs successfully in single trip, saving operator millions of dollars in blowout avoidance
Summary Summary Advanced Completion Solutions for Multizone Water Injection in Soft Sand
World's First 10,000-PSI Triple-Zone Intelligent Completion for Water Injection
Summary Summary Halliburton Expands Conventional Liner Hanger Deployments to the Middle East
First MatchSet™ system is successfully installed in Oman
Summary Summary CleanWell® Solutions Help Operator to Effectively Clean Up Challenging Big-Bore ERD Well
Halliburton Delivers Unique Solution with Zero HSE Issues or Non-Productive Time
Summary Summary Sperry Remote Operations Center™ (ROC™) in Saudi Arabia Sign in required
On a multi-well project, leveraging knowledge and experience gained on other projects in the area to timely detect problems, prevent damage to wells, and continue drilling on schedule.
Summary Summary Интеллектуальная роторная управляемая система iCruise™
Простой и надежный, интеллектуальный RSS iCruise разработан с использованием самых высоких механических характеристик на рынке, помогая операторам сократить время работы и максимизировать скорость проникновения (ROP) в нетрадиционные, зрелые поля и глубоководные среды.
Summary Summary Operator Maximizes Asset Value in Extreme-High-Temperature Wells
Quasar Trio® M/LWD Triple-Combo service reduces well time in 24-slot platform operation.
Summary Summary Innovative Magnetic Ranging Solution Saves Over USD 200,000 on Complex P&A Project
Sperry Drilling was selected to accurately steer a sidetrack well, providing precisemeasurement of distance and direction to the casing of the target well.
Summary Summary Petroboscan Obtains Real-Time Formation Pressure Data and Extends Production in a Mature Field
Sperry Drilling collaborated with the operator and providedreservoir insight and LWD expertise on reliable formationpressure measurement capabilities using its GeoTap® LWD formation tester service.
Summary Summary North Sea: Geo-Pilot® GXT Rotary Steerable System Helps Double ROP
In a gas condensate development well in the UK central North Sea, an operator needed to drill through the hard Upper Cretaceous Chalk Group of formations with the highest rate of penetration (ROP) possible while performing constant directional work.
Summary Summary Papua New Guinea: AFR™ Sensor Helps Major Operator Isolate Problematic Shale Formation, Saving Valuable Rig Time
In the Antelope field, Total needed to accurately pick the 9-5/8-inch casing point in the uppermost portion of a fractured carbonate reservoir above a total loss transition zone, while being able to isolate the reactive and over-pressurized shale above the reservoir.
Summary Summary Angola: Geo-Pilot® XL 9600 RSS Delivers Record Footage in Single Run and Saves $1.5 Million
From a platform in 1,200 feet of water, the objective was to drill a new producer well to 22,698 ft. MD at 73.5° of inclination,evaluate the well with a logging-while-drilling quad combo (LWD), and obtain 25 planned pressure points using a GeoTap®pressure tester.
Summary Summary Oman: Operator Locates Top of Fish Target with ABI™ Sensor
An operator working in a mature field in Oman attempted to drill a deviated well, but, while drilling the 8½-in. (215.9-mm) buildup section, the bottomhole assembly (BHA) became stuck for approximately a month.
Summary Summary West Africa: InSite AFR™ Sensor Delivers High-Resolution Images for Reservoir Fracture Characterization
Acquire high-resolution borehole images while drilling the wells to characterize the fractures and rock texture in order to predict injector performance.
Summary Summary South Asia: Short Radius Drilling Technology Enhances Production in Depleted Fields
The operator of a mature offshore oil field was seeking an economical solution for their field redevelopment project to access bypassed reserves and increase oil production.
Summary Summary SuperFill Surge Reduction Equipment
Running casing in the well at an operationally efficient speed without damaging the formation due to surge pressure is a long-standing challenge in the oil and gas industry. With Halliburton's SuperFill surge reduction equipment, a reliable auto-fill system, running speeds can be optimized while protecting the formation.
Summary Summary SuperFill Surge Reduction Equipment
Running casing in the well at an operationally efficient speed without damaging the formation due to surge pressure is a long-standing challenge in the oil and gas industry. With Halliburton's SuperFill surge reduction equipment, a reliable auto-fill system, running speeds can be optimized while protecting the formation.
Summary Summary SentinelCem™ Cement Cures Losses in Iraq Wells
Cement Treatment Saves Operators Millions of Dollars Annually
Summary Summary WellLock Resin System
WellLock resin system can function as a gas-impermeable secondary barrier to the primary cement sheath. It is also ideal for squeeze applications and microannuli repairs or for permanent plug and abandonment. It can be solid laden or used as a pure clean fluid.
Summary Summary PowerReach® - Combination Strings
Halliburton’s PowerReach® service provides the ability to perform well stimulation and remedial operations in long horizontal wellbores without the limitations of small OD coiled tubing.
Summary Summary 340K Stand-Alone
340K Stand-Alone Specifications
Summary Summary Enhanced QuikRig® Coiled Tubing System
Boots & Coots’ Enhanced QuikRig® next-generation coiled-tubing unit is designed with the well-control package preassembled on a mast, improving operational efficiency, reducing rig-up time, and creating a safer rigsite environment.
Summary Summary Slip Interlock System
Enables safey improvements on our hydaulic workover and snubbing units
Summary Summary 150K Quick Rig Stand-Alone Specifications
150K Quick Rig Stand-Alone Specifications
Summary Summary Operator in Saudi Arabia Optimizes Milling Performance via Real-Time Coiled Tubing Data
SPECTRUMSM Intervention Services Enables Accurate Downhole Motor Positioning and Flawless Operation on Critical Well Mill Out
Summary Summary Innovative perforation technique shifts paradigm and helps production excel
Halliburton’s Hydra-JetSM TS Perforating application overcomes excessive formation damage and boosts anticipated production 313%.
Summary Summary Kuwaiti Operator Efficiently Performs Complex Horizontal Well Intervention in a Single Run
A well intervention was required to close the lowermost sleeve of the last two producing ICDs, ensuring accurate depth control and optimizing the use of resources to minimize production downtime. SPECTRUMSM Intervention and Diagnostic Services provided a cost-effective solution to identify, clean, evaluate a fluid injection test and close the sleeve—all in a single run.
Summary Summary 5238 Coiled Tubing Reel (Hydra Rig)
The 5238 Hydra Rig coiled tubing reel is a DNV certified reel designed to store coiled tubing. The reel drum is supported on an axle and is rotated by a hydraulic motor.
Summary Summary SPECTRUM Real-time Coiled Tubing Services
SPECTRUM Real-time Coiled Tubing Services provides a real-time approach to help maximize well-production performance and the success rates of intervention.
Summary Summary Upgrades to CT Equipment Push Limits on Deep, Long Wells
New CT packages deployed in various shale fields in the U.S. in 2013 demonstrated an average 50% reduction in rigup times.
Summary Summary Pulsonix® TFA
Precise placement of treating fluids, removal of deposits near the wellbore area or stimulate high permeability formations
Summary Summary Slip Interlock System
The unique slip interlock system enables a safer work environment for well intervention operations.
Summary Summary MaxFire® electronic firing system saves Gulf of Mexico operator USD 2.2 million
Lightning strikes and disables operation, but Halliburton’s MaxFire® electronic firing system delivers, saving USD 2.2 million in rig time
Summary Summary Halliburton Electronic Firing System Saves USD 800,000 Per Well in a Single-Trip Completion
The cost of operating in deepwater Angola demands efficiency and reliability. When an operator needed a solution to reduce firing head initiation pressure to test and complete their wells, they turned to Halliburton for an answer.
Summary Summary World’s first acoustic firing head system allows safer and more flexible TCP operations
Acoustically initiated firing head requires no pressure to activate
Summary Summary ACX™ tool identifies low-rate gas leak in production casing, saving Caelus Energy Alaska USD 3 million
Operator avoids costly workover operation by using the ACX™ service
Summary Summary Electronic firing system successfully initiates 222 ft (68 m) of large OD guns in extreme conditions
Halliburton’s innovative MaxFire® technology meets operator’s perforating challenges in Gulf
Summary Summary Halliburton Integrated Abandonment Solutions
Halliburton Integrated Abandonment Solutions offers complete well diagnostics through its cased-hole portfolio. Combining tool outputs, a complete pre-abandonment diagnosis of the well is carried out.
Summary Summary Operator’s deepest TVD well perforated with MaxFire® electronic firing system
Operator and Halliburton partner to surpass perforation records MaxFire® electronic firing system successfully initiated perforation in Gulf of Mexico
Summary Summary Perenco Uses New Workflow to Create Gains in Production and Locate New Zones Once Considered Uneconomical
Integrated Reservoir Evaluation Approach Combines MRIL® Service and RDT™ Tester
Summary Summary First Halliburton Dynamic Underbalance Perforating Job in Cameroon Achieves Customer’s Goals
Successful performance clears out debris and improves production
Summary Summary Operator Identifies Shallow Surface-Casing Corrosion Without Costly Workover
Halliburton Electromagnetic Pipe Xaminer® V (EPX™V) Tool Detects Metal Loss Near Wellhead
Summary Summary Pipe-Cutting Solutions
During drilling operations, an occasional unplanned event will arise where recovery of stuck pipe is required. It may be in the form of a backoff or the use of cutters. Halliburton has a range of products providing recovery.
Summary Summary Target Detection System Service
Accurately locates external casing equipment
Summary Summary SurgePro™ Software
Perforating Assemblies and Procedures Designed to Maximize Dynamic Underbalance to Achieve Optimum Well Productivity
Summary Summary 390 MaxForce® Perforating Shaped Charge
The 390 MaxForce® perforating shaped charge represents Halliburton’s newest family of shaped charges, exemplifying the company’s reputation for unmatched jet-perforating capabilities.
Summary Summary G-Force® System Enables Perforating in any Direction, Regardless of Gun/Casing Positioning
Halliburton’s G-Force® system comprises an internal orienting charge tube assembly and gun carrier that allows perforating in any direction irrespective of the gun's position relative to the casing.
Summary Summary 175 MaxForce® Perforating Shaped Charge
The 175 MaxForce® perforating shaped charge represents Halliburton’s newest family of shaped charges, exemplifying the company’s reputation for unmatched jet-perforating capabilities.
Summary Summary MaxFire™ Electronic Firing System
MaxFire™ Electronic Firing System
Summary Summary Well Integrity Management
Maintaining production while mitigating risk
Summary Summary MaxFire Electronic Firing Systems
Flexiability and reliability for challenging and complex wells
Summary Summary Flexible Solutions for Electric Line and Slickline
Combining the Largest Slickline Company in the World with Leading Cased Hole and Perforating Technologies
Summary Summary Casing Integrity Monitoring for Mature Fields
Over time, casing strings can begin to deteriorate, affecting the production and safety of the well. Keeping a close eye on the integrity of casing strings is important, as it helps to prevent critical failures and avoid unnecessary intervention. Through improved casing integrity monitoring services, we help operators maximize well productivity while reducing the risk of reservoir damage or NPT.
Summary Summary Slickline Services for Challenging Environments
Slickline Capabilities Brochure
Summary Summary How Statoil determined tubing and annular integrity in a scaled and corroded completion
Effective assessment of cement and casing conditions in mature wells
Summary Summary Successful Collaboration Between Halliburton and WEPCO Added 150% in Oil Daily Production Rate
Rigless Pulsed-Neutron and Production Logging Operation Used To Identify Bypassed Oil Zones And Water Shutoff Reservoirs
Summary Summary Finding Success on the Over-Mature Fringes of Organic Shale Plays
Halliburton Corevault® RFP System and XMR™ Serviceaccurately assessed the field's geologic trend forinformed field planning.
Summary Summary Halliburton collaboration saved operator over USD 500,000, while improving safety and efficiency
The first MaxFire® TCP electronic firing system successfully deployed in The Netherlands
Summary Summary Halliburton Technology Helps Identify Dual-String Casing Integrity in a Single Run
Single-Trip Logging Run Avoids Expensive Workover and Minimizes Rig Time
Summary Summary High-temperature drilling and completions in the Haynesville Shale
Continuous improvements helped oil company double production from high-temperature wells
Summary Summary Plug and perf operations address steep lateral incline - Chinese
Halliburton succeeds where competitors failed on pump-down plug and perforating operations in the Jiaoshiba shale play
Summary Summary Plug and perf operations address steep lateral incline
Halliburton succeeds where competitors failed on pump-down plug and perforating operations in the Jiaoshiba shale play
Summary Summary How extensive planning helped OMV Petrom increase production with StimTube™ wellbore stimulation tool
Increasing production from old wells in Romania
Summary Summary Halliburton Advanced Cement Evaluation service saved operator $1.2 million and 16 days of rig time.
Unique log analysis service can distinguish between lightweight cement and fluids, eliminating need for cement squeezes caused by uncertainty.
Summary Summary Rigless Well Intervention Helps Increase Oil Production by 30% in Sour, Heavy Oil, and Highly Deviated Wells
Rigless Solution Using e-Spectrum℠ Coiled Tubing For Reservoir Monitoring Reduced Operational Cost By 34%
Summary Summary Unique integrated solution offers safer way to minimize operating costs
Integrated cased hole with combined nonexplosive solution improves safety and logistics cost, reduces footprint on high-profile P&A project
Summary Summary DPU®-Actuated Tubing Perforator
The Halliburton Downhole Power Unit (DPU®) -actuated Tubing Perforator offers a nonexplosive, cost-effective solution to create a single perforation hole in tubing or casing
Summary Summary Releasable Wireline Cable Head (RWCH™ Tool)
The Releasable Wireline Cable Head (RWCH™ tool) has an electrically activated wireline-release system instead of the tension-activated release system of conventional cable heads.
Summary Summary STIM Fracture Efficiency Analysis with Shock Sensing Sub Tool
The industry has embraced StimGun™ technology and is best understood as an engineered job design process that integrates the use of products with PulsFrac™ computer modeling and data acquisition.
Summary Summary MaxFire® SL Electronic Firing System
The Halliburton MaxFire® SL Electronic Firing system has numerous built-in safety features, which enable explosive tools to be deployed and initiated on slickline, coil tubing, or jointed pipe.
Summary Summary ACE™ Advanced Cement Evaluation Process
The Halliburton ACE™ advanced cement evaluation process helps provide quick, accurate information concerning cement bond for all standard logging tools and procedures for any type of cement mixtures, including foam, latex, and other complex slurries.
Summary Summary LOGIQ® InSite® Directional Tool (IDT-I)
The IDT-I technology provides accurate information to determine borehole inclination and azimuth. When this information is combined with relative dip and dip azimuth measured by other tools, like dipmeters or multicomponent induction tools, true dip and dip azimuth of the dipping formations can be obtained.
Summary Summary LOGIQ® Compensated Spectral Natural Gamma Ray (CSNG™)
The LOGIQ® CSNG™ tool measures the entire gamma ray spectrum, from 0 to 3,000 keV. The tool uses special borehole compensation techniques to provide the industry's most precise and accurate logs of potassium, uranium, and thorium concentrations. Measurement precision curves and tool diagnostics help validate logging data in the formation. A unique, patented low atomic number tool case enables gamma rays to be measured for accurate data retrieval in cased or open hole environments.
Summary Summary Perforate, Wash, and Cement Option for Dual Casing Saves 66 Hours of Valuable Rig Time
Alternative to section milling saves USD 247,000 and mitigates HSE risk
Summary Summary Xaminer® Sonic Imager Service
Crossed-Dipole Sonic Tool with four monopoles delivers high-resolution elastic properties for improved seismic processing and geomechanics
Summary Summary Halliburton Introduces Vertical Stress-Oriented Perforating Solution in Large Middle East Gas Field
New vertical stress-oriented perforating method optimizes production
Summary Summary Halliburton Water Conformance Tool Suite Instrumental in Adding 1 MMscf/d to Production without Additional Water
An operator needed a way to find entry points of wat
Summary Summary Halliburton Technology Helps Identify Annular Shale Barriers for P&A Operations
Standard mono-conductor cement evaluation tools and robust data processing help client avoid costly remedial work.
Summary Summary Corrosion Monitoring Tools Prove Effectiveness of Chemical Application via Slip-Stream
A Canadian customer was experiencing multiple downhole corrosion failures in their field, and was concerned with the loss of production due to downtime and the cost of repairing these failures, which averaged $10,000 to $15,000 per well.
Summary Summary MultiSweet® Scavenger Treatment for H2S in Sales Oil Keeps Rail Cars Moving
A large midstream energy company in Northeast Canada region was having problems with high H2S levels at its oil terminals, where some 240 rail cars are loaded daily with sales crude that has levels of H2S varying from 5 to 80 ppm in the liquid phase.
Summary Summary FAL® Service Proves Safer, More Cost-Effective Than Plunger Lifts
After this customer initially tested Multi-Chem’s FAL® (Foam Assisted Lift) service on two Marcellus Shale wells in their Central Highlands Field, they extended the FAL service trial to four additional wells. Rather than installing costly plunger lifts, the customer chose FAL service in an effort to maintain operational expense, reduce man hours invested in dangerous activity, and reclaim lost production due to the liquid loading.
Summary Summary Infrared Imaging Identifies Composition of Leak Contents, Leads to Solution
When this Operator’s Midland station experienced a leak on a production line that is primarily stagnant, Multi-Chem technical services was contacted to complete a thermal imaging study to identify the contents (gas, oil, water and solids) within the line around the area of the leak.
Summary Summary Geographic Information System + MVP 2.0™ Chemical Program Management Tool Helps Operator Meet Strict Pipeline Integrity Regulations
An exploration and production company took over a Mid-Continent region pipeline asset from a previous Multi-Chem customer, unaware that encroaching urban expansion now positioned the gathering systems within high consequence areas (HCAs) where pipeline integrity is strictly regulated to protect human population and environmentally sensitive areas in the event of failure.
Summary Summary Multi-Chem Customizes Long-Term Corrosion Mitigation in High H2S Gathering System
This Canadian producer operates a gathering system that produces and transports various volumes of gas, condensate and water from a field where the challenging terrain and quality of production causes both major pipeline corrosion problems and emulsion issues at the gas treatment plant.
Summary Summary Multi-Chem Delivers Superior Local Service with MultiSweet® H2S Scavenging and NGL Conditioning
H2S levels rose as high as 450 ppm and the operator was unable to sell the gas to the pipeline company, which has a stringent spec limit of up to 4 ppm of H2S in the gas stream.
Summary Summary Multi-Chem Thermal Imaging Leads to Effective Treatment for Paraffin Buildup
The terminus of the Lynch system line into the Hobbs Station has an approximately 3-foot dead area behind the booster pump injection for the line, where lack of routine flow increases the likelihood of paraffin and asphaltene solids deposition and subsequent corrosion risk from under deposit attacks.
Summary Summary Unconventional Corrosion Protection Solution Includes Monitoring Assistance in ‘Problem Area’
One of the country’s largest natural gas distributors needed to clean a 20” dry-gas pipeline and protect it from corrosion without sacrificing the gas quality. When Multi-Chem was challenged to provide a solution, it was determined that any treatment would require oil soluble chemicals in order to maintain dry-gas specs and still be effective.
Summary Summary Multi-Chem Identifies Cost-Effective Solvent Solutions for More Efficient Line Pigging
After a cleaning of 1.78 miles of 6” pipe produced a 7-foot paraffin plug at the end of the line, this Midland operator asked Multi-Chem to conduct a solvency test to find a solvent product that would decrease the amount of soluble paraffin solids in the line to improve pigging efficiency.
Summary Summary Operator Increases Gas Production Rate by 15% with Foamer
An operator of a mature gas field was previously applying foamer to 200 pressure-depleted sweet gas wells spread across a wide geographic area to unload liquids and maximize gas production. The incumbent chemical was an inefficient, low performing well foamer, which caused the operator to incur high injection rates, high treatment costs and high frequency well top-up.
Summary Summary Continuous Injection of DeepSure Certified LDHI Outperforms Previous Hydrate Treatment
Hydrate particle formation and deposition is a common problem in Gulf of Mexico deep water oil and gas production systems. Caused by a combination of gas, water, relatively low temperatures and high pressures, hydrate particles tend to agglomerate and deposit on pipe walls. This buildup can occur rapidly and lead to blockages, resulting in lost production and high remediation costs. Therefore, prevention is of utmost importance.
Summary Summary Consecutive Treatments Enhance Biocide Efficacy During Water Flooding of Algerian Oilfield
An Algerian operator found it necessary to employ water flooding for optimal production at two of its mature oil and gas fields. The bulk injection water was comprised of a combination of saline produced water diluted with aquifer water.
Summary Summary Operator Returns Plugged SWD Well to Full Production with Customized Chemical Treatment
An operator was experiencing plugging issues that kept re-occurring in its saltwater disposal (SWD) well in the mature Roseland Plantation field, along the Gulf Coast of Louisiana.
Summary Summary Squeeze Treatment Recovers Production from an Under-Producing Well
An customer experienced considerable scale formation of CaSO4 and CaCO3 downhole in one of its assets. The challenge to control the high scaling potential produced brine contributed to a loss of 10,000 BOPD across the field and resulted in the shut-in of 10 of the 70 wells.
Summary Summary Rock-on-a-Chip™ Microfluidic Device Efficiently Evaluates Relative Effects of Surfactants in the Lab
A field trial was recently conducted in the Eagle Ford Shale, across 45 wells completed with similar design criteria, minerology, and frac fluid design, to test performance of the fracturing fluid surfactant selected in our lab via a new technique—Rock-on-a-Chip™ microfluidic device. This technique allows most geometric features observed in shale formations to be recreated digitally through photolithography and etching methods onto the “fingernail-sized” device, for the purpose of investigating fracturing fluid invasion, flowback and hydrocarbon recovery during well stimulation.
Summary Summary Unique Matrix Treatment Boost Production 26 Percent in Mature Asset in Latin America Region
In mature oilfields, production can decline as fields are affected by the presence of water, resulting in increased production costs. This was the case of Mexico’s Cantarell field, an aging offshore field in the Bay of Campeche.
Summary Summary Operator Quickly Diagnoses Root Cause of Back Pressure in Pipeline
The operator of a crude oilfield located in the Bombay Offshore Basin, 60-90km from Mumbai, India, needed to get to the root cause of pipeline back pressure that was adversely impacting production, by greater than 25% throughput reduction, after months of pipeline flow deterioration.
Summary Summary Pipeline Operator Gains Key Information on Severe Wax Deposits in Critical Pipeline
The operator of an 8-inch subsea oil production pipeline, running in daisy-chain fashion from Crathes to the Kittiwake platform in the North Sea, experienced severe pipeline restrictions caused by paraffin wax deposits.
Summary Summary Operator Efficiently Resolves Pigging Complications During Offshore Pipeline Wax Removal
The operator of an offshore UK 8-in condensate export pipeline running from the Lomond platform to the CATS platform in the North Sea was initially dealing with restrictions caused by wax buildup—common to many condensates containing dissolved waxes that can precipitate and deposit under certain environmental conditions.
Summary Summary Operator Uses Pressure Wave Technology to Accurately Locate Stuck Tool in High-Risk Pipeline
An operator in South Texas was losing valuable production uptime due to an intelligent inspection tool being stuck in one of its pipelines transporting ‘supercritical’ ethylene—at a temperature and pressure above its critical point.
Summary Summary InnerVue™ PipeSuite Survey Accurately Predicts Stuck Pig Location Within 0.4%
Halliburton Pipeline and Process Services was contracted to conduct InnerVue™ PipeSuite surveys on a 16-in. crude oil pipeline located 125 miles offshore in the Gulf of Thailand. The objective of the survey operation was to locate the position of a pig mandrel stuck in the pipeline.
Summary Summary Removing blockage of a 40-km subsea gas export pipeline offshore Brazil without cutting pipe
Halliburton product service line integrates the services of three sub-PSLs to remove blockage without cutting pipe, saves costs.
Summary Summary InnerVue™ PipeSuite Diagnostics Accurately Predicts Stuck Pig Location
The customer was experiencing a stuck pig in its pipeline, located in North Dakota. This occurred during a routine pigging operation, when a cup pig got stuck in the pipeline—most likely due to the accumulation of paraffin wax in front of the pig.
Summary Summary InnerVue™ WellSuite Diagnostics Accurately Detects Restrictions in Horizontal Well
A multiphase producing well in Vaca Muerta field in the Neuquen province of Argentina was producing sand from a perforated zone in the well’s horizontal section. After about six months of production, the sand was causing a partial blockage in the wellbore and responsible for production inefficiencies.
Summary Summary InnerVue™ WellSuite Survey Precisely Locates Blockage
Halliburton Sakhalin Limited was contracted by a Major Operator to perform a InnerVue™ WellSuite survey in annular space between the 9-5/8-in. and 7-in. casings. This annulus was being used in normal operation to inject water into the waste disposal well (WDW)—located at the wellsite in the remote region of northeastern Russia.
Summary Summary InnerVue™ PipeSuite Surveys Used for Comparative Analysis
Two InnerVue™ PipeSuite surveys were carried out onboard the offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico. The first survey operation was to establish a baseline of the wax deposition accumulated inside a 12-in. export oil pipeline—running from the platform out to the Gathering ‘Y’ tie-in.
Summary Summary White Paper: Peer Reviews Are Good Investments When Considering Mature Field Revitalization Sign in required
New white paper describes how our patent-pending Mature Fields Workflow adds value to mature field revitalization projects through the use of peer reviews.
Summary Summary Integrating Microseismic, Fracture Diagnostics Data Improves Stimulation Analysis
Microseismic is an indispensable technology that provides critical information on hydraulic fracturing parameters, but it cannot provide all the precise information to enable a full understanding of stimulation behavior in unconventional reservoirs. Obtaining a complete picture of the fracturing process requires integrating microseismic with advanced diagnostic solutions such as surface tiltmeters, downhole tiltmeters, and fiber optic distributed temperature and acoustic sensing, as well as more conventional diagnostic tools, including tracers, flow tests, fracture modeling, diagnostic injection tests, and production data analysis.
Summary Summary Well Hot Tap
The Boots & Coots Hot Tap unit is a small, yet heavy duty, industrial size design that permits the drilling of larger holes with extended stroke.
Summary Summary Gate Valve Drilling
Pneumatic drilling unit specially designed to drill or enlarge gate valves or ball valves that are inoperable.
Summary Summary Well Control Engineering
Well Control Engineering is comprised of a highly specialized team of engineers, who help you with your well control challenges on the surface, underground or subsea.
Summary Summary CAST-M™ / CBL-M / MFC
Monoconductor Conveyed Simultaneous Ultrasonic / Sonic / Caliper Casing and Cement Evaluation
Summary Summary MaxForce® Flow System
The increased flow area of the 6 ¾-in. 18 spf Big Hole MaxForce® Flow system enhances both conventional and flux-based completion approaches.
Summary Summary Well Assurance
Landing page
Summary Summary Reservoir Insight
Landing Page
Summary Summary Wireline Intervention
All wells require intervention at some time in their productive life. Halliburton’s expertise and technology enables us to provide innovative and effective well intervention solutions on multiple conveyances.
Summary Summary Pipe-Integrity
Pipe Integrity landing page
Summary Summary High-Frequency Dielectric Tool (HFDT™) Tool
The HFDT-I (High Frequency Dielectric tool) is a pad type tool intended to provide the porosity filled with water in the near borehole region of the formation as well as its salinity.
Summary Summary ACRt™ Array Compensated Resistivity Tool Family
The ACRt™ array compensated resistivity tool system represents the latest thinking in conventional array induction technology
Summary Summary Oil Mud Reservoir Imager (OMRI™) Tool
Our Oil Mud Reservoir Imager (OMRI™) tool is a microresistivity imaging tool specially developed to work on wells drilled with oil-based mud. The tool generates crisp images of the borehole resistivity with an azimuthal resolution of 0.4 in. and a vertical resolution of 1 in. The tool has six articulated (in two axis) caliper arms. Each pad contains six resistivity sensors, providing a total of 36 microresistivity measurements circumferentially around the borehole.
Summary Summary Reservoir Monitor Tool 3-Detector (RMT-3D™) Tool
Find, analyze, and monitor to increase production. Our 2⅛-in. Reservoir Monitoring Tool 3-Detector (RMT-3D™) pulsed-neutron service solves for water, oil, and gas saturations in reservoirs using three independent measurements of sigma, carbon-oxygen, and saturation gate (SATG). We can uniquely solve your reservoir’s most complex saturation profiles and fluid types—all while eliminating phase-saturation interdependency.
Summary Summary Acoustic Conformance Xaminer® Service
Acoustic Conformance Xaminer® Service uses hydrophone array technology to locate and describe communication paths and flow areas—vertically and radially in the wellbore area in real time.
Summary Summary CAST-M™
The CAST-M™ tool provides high resolution cement and casing evaluation images
Summary Summary CAST-I
The CAST-ITM is the ultimate well integrity diagnostics solution, providing all the benefits of Halliburton’s industry-known cement evaluation and casing inspection services with increased tool combinability, resulting in the most efficient logging and surface system platform use in the market.
Summary Summary Advanced Cement Evaluation Service
Advanced Cement Evaluation Service provides quick, accurate information on cement bond, even when using foamed cements.
Summary Summary Offset Vertical Seismic Profile VSP
Offset, Walkaway and 3D VSPs image the formation in one or more directions laterally away and beneath the wellbore.
Summary Summary Zero-Offset Vertical Seismic Profiles
Even in deviated wellbores and complex structures, the higher frequency of our Zero-Offset VSP produces greater vertical resolution than surface seismic for a much higher-resolution“subsurface image” of the near well corridor stack.
Summary Summary Cement Evaluation
Halliburton Logging Services provide cement evaluation that has been proven effective on cementing jobs worldwide and on every type cement.
Summary Summary Xaminer® Sonic Imager
Our Xaminer® Sonic Imager (XSI) service provides high-fidelity data via its quiet tool design, hybrid onboard memory and real-time wireline telemetry data paths, and advanced processing capabilities. The state-of-the-art design enables characterization of seismic properties, geomechanics, and completion needs in a wide range of reservoirs.
Summary Summary Hostile WaveSonic® Tool
Our small-diameter Hostile WaveSonic® Tool is the only high-temperature (HT) cross-dipole sonic tool in the industry capable of operating in your most extreme environments. Combinable with the HEAT™ Suite tools, if high temperature is your challenge, this service is the clear choice for your next HT evaluation.
Summary Summary Xaminer® Array Sonic Tool
Our Xaminer® Array Sonic Tool (XAST) service offers simultaneous monopole and crossed-dipole sonic information. P-wave and S-wave slowness can be obtained in a range of formation conditions, borehole sizes, and even extreme borehole hydrostatic pressures. This ultra-reliable far-spaced monopole and crossed-dipole tool can also estimate minimum and maximum principal stresses and stress-field orientation.
Summary Summary MRIL®-XL Magnetic Resonance Imaging Logging Service
Our Magnetic Resonance Imaging Logging-XL (MRIL®-XL) service builds upon the highly successful MRIL technology to deliver the same high-quality nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) measurements in a larger borehole range. The most complex and demanding wells now include boreholes of 12¼ to 15 in. Our MRIL-XL service will log wells up to 16 in. in diameter. Even more impressive, the tool’s slim profile also enables logging in wellbores as small as 7⅞ in.
Summary Summary MRIL® Magnetic Resonance Imaging Logging
Wireline logging service accurately and directly measures key factors that influence the ability of a well to produce commercial quantities of oil or gas.
Summary Summary MRIL®-Prime Magnetic Resonance Imaging Logging Service
With an extremely high signal-to-noise ratio, our Magnetic Resonance Imaging Logging-Prime (MRIL®-Prime) service is engineered to look 360 degrees around the borehole. Combining our nine measurement volumes with our advanced acquisition and signal processing methods, all nine measurements can operate continuously and independently. What that means for you—faster logging, no idle time, and all applications accomplished in a single pass.
Summary Summary MRIL-2D Fluid Characterization
Robust gas identification and quantification from two NMR dimensions (T1 and T2) is now offered with both the MRIL-XL and MRIL-Prime services
Summary Summary Nuclear Logging
Nuclear tools measure the interactions between radiation emitted from logging tools and the formation, as well as naturally occurring radiation
Summary Summary LOGIQ® Openhole Logging Platform
Halliburtons breakthrough design for openhole logging platform and cased-hole logging. PC-based surface system brings new capabilities and ergonomics to wellsite workstations.
Summary Summary Sonic Logging
The latest generation of Sonic tools can measure Sonic Anisotropy, which can be used to determine the orientation of natural fractures.
Summary Summary Focused Oval Pad
Wireline tool provides representative samples of a well's formation fluid, and can monitor up to eight fluid and formation properties. Also provides pressure gradient testing.
Summary Summary Reservoir Description Tool (RDT™) Tool
Wireline formation pressure testing and sampling runs should be quick, completed in a single descent, provide pure single phase fluid samples, and deliver the required pressure tests along with the associated mobilities and pressure gradients. The Halliburton Reservoir Description Tool (RDT™) employs several best in class features to help you meet these goals.
Summary Summary Formation Testing
Reservoir Testing and Fluid Sampling can provide key information to determine reservoir volume, expected production of formation, type and composition of movable fluids. These formation testing methods have been proven cost-effective with minimal contamination.
Summary Summary Rotary Sidewall Coring (RSCT™) Tool
Acquires up to 60 core samples in a single run, providing undistorted samples for a range of petrophysical testing and analysis, free of micro-fractures typical in percussion cores.
Summary Summary ICE Core® Fluid Analysis Service
The RDT Integrated Characterization Section (ICS) expands measurements of fluid composition downhole by using ICE Core® fluid analysis technology. Based on a multivariate optical computing technique, this enables high-resolution hydrocarbons composition to be measured.
Summary Summary Hostile Sequential Formation Tester (HSFT-II™) Tool
Our Hostile Sequential Formation Tester (HSFT-IITM) tool delivers sizzling performance in extreme temperatures. This tester acquires formation pressure data and fluid samples under extreme conditions—up to 450°F (232°C), 30,000 psi, and in boreholes as small as 4 in. in diameter.
Summary Summary Xaminer® Coring Tool
Our Xaminer® Coring Tool sets the bar for large-diameter cores in deep water. Our versatile, reliable coring tool is a new approach for acquiring multiple sidewall core samples. The service is engineered to provide a combination of high-speed bit rotation, torque, and bit advancement for optimal drilling performance.
Summary Summary GEM™ Elemental Analysis Tool
Offering quick and precise evaluations of complex mineralogies, our GEM™ elemental analysis tool uses proven interpretation processes and integrated petrophysical analysis. A neutron-induced capture gamma-ray spectroscopy logging system, the GEM tool derives elemental contributions contained within the total measured gamma-ray energy spectrum.
Summary Summary Modeling
Halliburton perforating modeling offers an engineered approach that improves operator understanding of what’s going on downhole
Summary Summary MaxFire™ Electronic Firing System
Halliburton now offers the MaxFire™ electronic firing system, an ultrahigh-pressure 40,000-psi (276-MPa), fully programmableelectronic firing system. This unmatched technology is alsocapable of low pressure-cycle operation, and allows for immediateor delayed detonation.
Summary Summary G-Force® Precision Oriented Perforating System
Halliburton's G-Force® oriented perforating system allows perforating in any direction, regardless of gun position relative to casing.
Summary Summary DrillGun™ Perforating System
Drillable perforating system that providesreliable, quality performance whilelowering overall wellsite costs.
Summary Summary Tubing Conveyed Perforatng
Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP) is important to sand control completions. Halliburton's TCP system not only saves costly rig time, but can be configured to meet the customer’s completion objectives.
Summary Summary Gun Systems
Halliburton's line of high pressure gun systems ensures that perforating high pressure wells is not a concern.
Summary Summary Cased-Hole Evaluation
With over 76 years of cased hole logging experience, Halliburton is qualified to solve all your cased-hole challenges. We offer cement evaluation, reservoir monitoring, perforating, pipe recovery, casing evaluation and mechanical needs products and services.
Summary Summary Well-Flow-Diagnostics
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Summary Summary Engineered WaterFrac Service for Ultra-Low-Permeability Formations
New technologies are increasing the effectiveness of water-frac treatments resuting in longer-term production increases. Water-frac treatments normally use friction-reduced water as the fracturing fluid and use small amounts of proppant. A new micro-emulsion surfactant, GasPerm 1000TM, improves production and gets gas on-line faster and at higher rates. The major benefits include 1) reduced fracture-facedamage due to phase trapping in ultra-low-permeability formations, and 2) improved environmental performance because the surfactant contains no phenols.
Summary Summary Dual-Well Monitoring Enhances Microseismic Imaging of Hydraulic-Fracture Stimulation
In long laterals, a single monitoring well may not detect microseisms over the entire well. The use of two monitoring wells improves detection over the entire length of the lateral well. To achieve optimal production in tight-gas fields, microseismic monitoring is used to monitor the effectiveness of hydraulic fracture stimulations. Deformation associated with the stimulation, results in small magnitude micro-earthquakes whose locations are used to image the growth and geometry of the stimulated fracture network. This technique provides unique information for improving the stimulation design. Generally, receiver arrays are placed in a single observation well to record the micro-earthquakes. In long horizontal boreholes improved seismic detection and imaging can be obtained using data from additional observation wells.