Mature Fields HSE & Service Quality

Commitment to health, safety, and the environment

At Halliburton, we don’t compromise on health, safety, or the environment (HSE) for better business results. We are committed to helping minimize risks to personnel, maintain safe work practices and minimize environmental impact. Halliburton employees around the world take personal ownership of HSE for themselves, their families and colleagues.

Our goal is to keep our people and the environments in which they work, safe and healthy. In mature fields operations, for example, greater concentration levels of hydrogen sulfide or carbon monoxide during waterflood operations increase risks to personnel and speed up equipment corrosion. Our consistent work processes, including global risk mitigation at the job site, drive continuous improvement, operational excellence, and greater quality service. Adherence to proper safety is a 24/7 commitment on everyone's part and a key way to ensure everyone’s success.