Surface production optimization analysis

What is the benefit of a review of your surface and subsurface capability?

Many mature fields have not had an overall review of the optimization of their network in a long time. This leads to potential bottlenecks within the entire system. Just like traffic on a busy freeway when one car breaks down it affects the entire flow of the freeway. Reviewing the subsurface capability with the surface capability is key to the overall management of the field and reduces the necessary uncertainties.

Halliburton offers the Front End Loading (FEL) project management methodology. The use of FEL assures a complete assessment of probable outcomes and associated risk for a project. FEL aligns an operator's technical and business goals to generate comprehensive field development plans. Integrating multi-disciplinary data with the industry's latest technology, the FEL approach increases project definition and lowers risk to positively impact total investment costs and return on investment.