Sand Control in Producer Wellbores

Can you achieve and sustain profitable oil and gas production without producing formation materials in a mature field?

Halliburton developed a sand-consolidation system, SandTrap™ that allows producers to take advantage of the economies of through-tubing, while offering significant improvements over older sand-consolidation systems. The system can be applied to recomplete existing sand producing intervals or to complete previously untapped pay zones in existing wells because it can be placed either with jointed tubing and a service packer, with coiled tubing or through production tubulars. SandTrap can also be used in supported openhole completions incorporating stand-alone screens or perforated liners and sand control remediation to stop sand production from a damaged or failed sand-control completion. That means SandTrap service can provides access to new reserves without the expense of a rig-based workover. An aqueous based version, SandTrap ABC is compatible with foam, allowing longer intervals to be treated.