Reduce Unwanted Fluid Production

How do you reduce unwanted fluid production (water or gas) so that you impact the hydrocarbon decline curve?

Predicting water influx problems, selecting candidate wells for water control treatments, and justifying expenditures are critical to developing improved reservoir management strategies. Optimum reservoir management strategies begin with an understanding of the water source from the reservoir under both production and injection conditions.

Halliburton offers a complete range of economical, customized solutions including our conformance optimization stimulation diagnostic QuikLook® service–which allows the economic outcome of a water management treatment to be accurately predicted–and a broad variety of chemical solutions to mitigate water problems that vary from in-situ crosslinked water-based polymers, swelling/superabsorbent polymers, relative permeability modifiers, to cement-type materials.

Halliburton's Key Products & Services

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Summary Summary BackStop™ Water Conformance Control Service
BackStop™ Water Conformance Control Service controls unwelcome water production by introducing an exceptionally capable water control agent at the shallow part of the formation around perforation tunnels.
Summary Summary QuikLook® Reservoir Simulation Service
QuikLook® Reservoir Simulation Service is Developed to optimize the design and placement of unwanted fluid shutoff treatments allowing data to be interpreted with unprecedented speed and accuracy.
Summary Summary CrystalSeal® Water Conformance Control Service
CrystalSeal® Water Conformance Control Service Treats injection Wells to Provide Improved Sweep Efficiency and Economics by Preventing or Remediating Direct Communication with Producing Wells
Summary Summary Thermatek® Fluids
A new generation of chemical treatments used to provide engineered solutions when drilling or producing fractured, unconsolidated or watered out formations.
Summary Summary WaterWeb® Water Control
WaterWeb® Water Control Uses unique polymer chemistry to help create oil-water separation in the reservoir, impeding water flow and enhancing hydrocarbon flow to the wellbore.
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