Optimize Surface Facilities and Monitoring

How can you reduce surface restriction?

The efficient operation of pipelines transporting liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons is crucial. Any upset to the internal pipe surface can significantly impact both pipeline throughput and energy requirements for maintaining design flow rates. Maintaining a clean pipeline will help to maximize flow, will increase system longevity, will enhance system reliability while lowering associated safety risks and will, ultimately improve bottom line profitability for pipeline owners and operators.

Throughout the operational life of pipelines, it is common to encounter deposits, including a build up of sand, scale, wax, asphaltenes, black powder, hydrates and emulsions which can create flow restrictions, bore reductions, higher back pressures and accelerated corrosion.

To resolve the most challenging flow assurance problems, Halliburton developed an integrated flow assurance capability - SureStream® flow assurance services. With sound practical experience and combined knowledge, our specialists can be deployed to offer advice on an extensive range of parameters to prevent flow assurance problems. Where problems have already occurred, we can investigate, remediate and can keep in operation those customer hydrocarbon production systems where hydrates, wax, scale, asphaltenes and other solid deposits have become an issue. These problems would be addressed through our range of assessment and consultative, and remediation services. The depth, breadth and global coverage of Halliburton's operations which extends to over 70 countries provides an unequalled flow assurance capability optimization offering to our clients.

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