Maintain Zonal Isolation and Cement Integrity

What is the best way to maintain zonal isolation and cement integrity?

Complete zonal isolation is a must in mature field development, where complex pressure regimes combined with small pockets of oil and high potential of water or gas encroachment can severely affect a well's producing potential.

A cement sheath is the conventional means to provide primary zonal isolation in the annulus with a good initial bonding along with a certain degree of strength providing the conventional measure of success. However, the complexity of wells today increases the wellbore architecture’s susceptibility to unavoidable stress events such as internal pressure from testing or depletion, temperature variations and completion or stimulation operations. If the cement sheath is adversely affected by cumulative stresses, zonal isolation can be compromised and possibly impede the long-term production capabilities of the well.

Delivering zonal isolation for the life of the well has never been easy; every well has complex challenges and today the challenges are greater than ever before. Halliburton continually invests in science to drive increased zonal isolation reliability through innovation. The resulting technological advancements start with an understanding of the problems and issues that can lead to a loss of zonal isolation. One example of advancements in achieving a reliable hydraulic seal is Halliburton’s Swell Technology™ systems.

Halliburton's Swell Technology™ systems are an effective zonal isolation solution to the requirements of water and gas shutoff, multizone stimulation, cement integrity, and openhole intelligent completions. These systems are unique in their simplicity. There is no need for a specialist on location, no setting tools, no pressure up, no rotation or overpull required to set or activate swell technology. It is as simple as running the tools in the hole and letting them swell.

Swellpacker systems are able to self heal and can react to changes in the wellbore over time. These systems can also remain passive in the cement sheath for years and activate to maintain a hydraulic seal if a microannulus occurs as a result of cumulative stresses from pressure and temperature changes.

The Swellpacker Oil Swelling isolation system reduces risk and maintains a maximum performance envelope while running completions in oil-based muds. SwellSim™ software helps enable Halliburton to provide an engineered Swell Technology system recommendation specific to individual wells that delivers a fit-for-purpose and reliable solution. This helps allow the utmost confidence that the selected product will meet your expectations for the life of the well.

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