Low-Pressure Stimulation

What is the best way to stimulate low pressured, mature fields/wells?

When mature formations have declined to unacceptable production levels, remedial steps like refracturing may be required. Halliburton's Aquafoam, C-O-TWO, MistFrac, and MISCO2 fluids are low-polymer-loading foamed fluids that can be used to lower fracture liquid content (20 to 40%). They enhance well-cleanup, particularly when treating low pressure formations.

Foams provide low fluid loss characteristics for better fluid efficiency and consequently additional fluid loss additives are generally not needed below 1 md permeability. Foam fluids build much thinner gel filter cakes than non-foamed fluids resulting in higher regained conductivity values. The yield point characteristics of foam fluids help suspend proppant particles for better distribution of proppant. And, the compressible nature of foam helps remove treating liquid from the formation due to the expansion of gas on its return to the wellbore and as a result, pressurized removal of liquids permits more rapid clean-up and may minimize swabbing.

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Summary Summary Sirocco℠ Fracturing Service
The latest addition to Halliburton’s high-performance low-polymer fracturingsystems performs up to 400° F - and it’s salt tolerant.
Summary Summary SeaQuest® Service
Applicable in both shelf and deepwater environments, this service includes a new proprietary fluid system with characteristics that help achieve enhanced well performance
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