Increase Production Over Longer Time Periods

How do you keep production increasing over long time periods?

Hydraulic fracturing is the mainstay for stimulation in mature fields. It yields quick production increases by creating new fractures or extending existing and natural ones. Refracturing a zone is commonly done once zones have declined to unacceptable production levels. Halliburton's SilverStim®, SilverStim LT, HMP®, SeaQuest® and Sirocco™ fluids are low-polymer-loading fluids that can be used with Halliburton's conductivity enhancers–SandWedge® and Expedite® services–to achieve highly conductive fractures that help provide more production for a longer time period.

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Summary Summary Sirocco℠ Fracturing Service
The latest addition to Halliburton’s high-performance low-polymer fracturingsystems performs up to 400° F - and it’s salt tolerant.
Summary Summary SeaQuest® Service
Applicable in both shelf and deepwater environments, this service includes a new proprietary fluid system with characteristics that help achieve enhanced well performance
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