Improve Precision of Direct Stimulation

How can you optimize the precision of direct stimulation for more effective fractures?

Improving the precision with which stimulation tools and equipment position the treatment in relation to wellbore zones of interest has brought about a new level of effectiveness in hydraulically stimulating oil and gas wells. Halliburton's Cobra Frac®, CobraMaxSM and SurgiFrac® services are advanced solutions for implementing pinpoint stimulation.

Cobra Frac® service combines coiled tubing and an exclusive bottomhole assembly to effectively stimulate multiple lenticular hydrocarbon-bearing reservoirs in vertical well completions. After conventional perforating, multiple zones can typically be treated with a single trip into the well.

CobraMaxSM service extends the benefits of coiled tubing-based fracturing to deeper, larger intervals. Hydra-Jet™ technology is used to create perforations and initiate the fracture. Then the main fracture treatment is pumped down the annulus. The process performs multiple perforating and fracturing operations in a single trip.

The SurgiFrac® service is typically used in horizontal completions–either cased-hole or openhole–to place fractures at specific targets in a wellbore without the need for mechanical isolation. No pre-perforating is required and multiple fractures can be created successively in a single trip into the well. Pinpoint stimulations (Cobra Frac and SurgiFrac) result in an effectively stimulated well completion.

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Summary Summary Delta Frac® Fracturing Fluid
Halliburton’s advanced fluid technology introduces an optimized borate fracturing fluid with high viscosity and as much as 33% less gel concentration known as Delta Frac® Fracturing Fluid.
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