Improve Fracture Conductivity Endurance

How can you improve fracture conductivity endurance?

When designing a frac, customers are planning for uninterrupted reservoir fluid flow, while wanting high levels of conductivity for the short and long term. Halliburton technologies help achieve conductivity endurance in a variety of ways:

  • Increasing proppant pack conductivity
  • Reducing effects of production cycling
  • Maintaining proppant pack permeability
  • Immobilizing fines to reduce intrusion and plugging
  • Reducing proppant flowback.

Third-party laboratory tests, as well as completed studies of production profiles on wells treated with SandWedge and Expedite agents, have confirmed that the invasion of formation materials into the proppant pack, complete with the loss of effective fracture width, are the two leading causes of production declines following propped stimulation treatments. The same findings show that Halliburton's SandWedge enhancer can help eliminate or significantly reduce such counterproductive forces when applied as part of a comprehensive conductivity endurance program.

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Summary Summary SandWedge® Conductivity Enhancement System
SandWedge® Conductivity Enhancement System improves fracturing results and virtually eliminates incompatibility issues for improved long-term production.
Summary Summary Expedite® Proppant Flowback Control
Expedite® Proppant Flowback Control was developed to improve proppant flowback control and to help reduce time to production flowing fracture treatments.
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