Improve Completion Performance and Efficiency

How can you improve completion performance and efficiency by restricting inflow of unwanted fluid?

Halliburton's novel approach to reducing water cut is to engineer part of the completion string to react to the presence of water in the surrounding formation fluid. Using the principals of dynamic fluid flow, the EquiFlow® autonomous inflow control device (AICD) increases flow resistance in the presence of water/gas choking back production of unwanted fluid without the need for electrical, hydraulic or mechanical intervention.

When water breakthrough occurs the dynamic fluid property change causes the fluid to take a more restrictive path which raises the pressure drop across the completion at that particular AICD, greatly reducing influx of undesirable fluid.

The Equiflow AICD is not limited to reducing water production but also has the capability of greatly restricting the amount of unwanted gas that can also cause production issues and costs in mature completions. The EquiFlow® AICD provides production control without any moving parts, intervention from surface, additional installation time or a reduction of internal pipe diameter.

The AICD helps to control inflow based on changes in the reservoir fluid properties, significantly reducing unwanted water or gas production while helping to stimulate oil production. The AICD is easy to install and extremely effective when combined with zonal isolation systems such as Halliburton's Constrictor® annular barrier tools or Swellpacker® isolation systems.

Installed as a unit at the end of each screen joint to limit inflow of gas and water, the EquiFlow® AICD can be configured for a specific reservoir, yet it is simple, robust and easily combined with all types of sand control screens.

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Summary Summary EquiFlow® Autonomous Inflow Control Device
Restricting water and gas production at breakthrough, this autonomous inflow control device (AICD) helps increase recoverable reserves, extend well production, and reduce the expense and risk of unwanted fluid production.
Summary Summary Swellpacker® Zonal Isolation System
The Swellpacker® swellable elastomer zonal isolation system is a packer based on the swelling properties of rubber in hydrocarbon.
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