Fluid Performance Optimization

How do you optimize fluid performance at the reservoir?

One of the most significant areas of mature field performance advancement has been in fracturing fluid technology. In the past, most fracturing fluid systems were designed and priced with the primary focus on polymer concentration (lb/Mgal). This standard was established years ago because polymer concentration was the primary means of modifying fluid performance–and the resulting value to the operator.

Today, thanks to advanced chemical knowledge and new technologies, polymer concentration is not always the primary component that drives fluid performance and value. Nor is it an adequate indicator of fluid characteristics.

Halliburton uses an approach that optimizes fluid performance based on what is required for optimum performance at the reservoir rather than being limited by the quantities of various fluid components. Under this system, fluid performance and price are benchmarked on the base gel viscosity which corresponds to downhole performance rather than to polymer concentration.

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Summary Summary ViCon NF™ Fracturing Fluid Breaker
Improved Fracture Fluid Cleanup Capability Provides Virtually 100% Retained Permeability with Mid-to-High-Temperature Fracturing Gel Systems
Summary Summary Breakers
General Overview of Halliburton's Breaker Technology
Summary Summary Delta Frac® Fracturing Fluid
Halliburton’s advanced fluid technology introduces an optimized borate fracturing fluid with high viscosity and as much as 33% less gel concentration known as Delta Frac® Fracturing Fluid.
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