Flow Control Throughout the Length of the Wellbore

How do you achieve incremental flow control throughout the length of the wellbore?

Halliburton's EquiFlow® inflow control devices (ICD) are designed to improve completion performance and productivity by balancing inflow throughout the length of a completion. It will manage inflow from high-productivity zones while stimulating low-productivity zones. The tool helps reduce total water and gas production associated with heel-toe effects; the breakthrough of water and gas; permeability differences; and wells with high viscosity production fluid.

An EquiFlow® ICD installed as a part of the completion string is typically placed at the end of a sand screen in unconsolidated sand reservoirs. Prior to installation, simulation software optimizes the configuration of the device.

Horizontal wells provide greater reservoir contact and may enable higher production than vertical wells with lower drawdown. The EquiFlow ICD can help achieve incremental flow control throughout the entire wellbore by equalizing the inflow production profile.

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