Identifying Bypassed Zones and Determining Remaining Recoverable Fluids

How do you identify bypassed zones and determine the remaining recoverable fluids?

Field reservoir management is needed to recognize the number of intervals involved, the age of the wells and the likelihood of oil being bypassed. Carbon/Oxygen (C/O) logging can be used to identify zones with oil saturations and where additional recovery is feasible.

The RMT Elite™ reservoir monitor tool is a unique through tubing C/O system, offering two to three times higher measurement resolution than other through tubing C/O logging systems. Its high-density Bismuth germanium oxide detectors allow the RMT Elite tool to achieve resolutions previously available only with larger diameter C/O systems. As a result, it can be used to run continuous passes in low porosity formations while other systems can only be run in a stationary mode. It can also be conveyed into a well with tubing completions, unlike larger C/O systems that can only log through casing.

Formation saturation analysis using the RMT Elite tool and porosity data can be provided via Halliburton's cased-hole formation evaluation interpretation in the following software models:

  • CarbOxSat™ model oil saturation analysis using C/O measurements
  • SigmaSat™ model water saturation analysis using capture cross section measurements (Σ)
  • TripleSat™ model three-phase oil, gas, and water saturations using both C/O and Σ measurements
  • Chi Modeling® computation service

From open hole to cased hole, coring or laboratory analyses, Halliburton offers multiple solutions that contribute to improving reservoir recovery.

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Summary Summary MRIL®-WD™- Sensor
LWD tool provides a direct measurement of the reservoir's total porosity while drilling in hole sizes up to 10 5/8 inches.
Summary Summary MRIL-2D Fluid Characterization
Robust gas identification and quantification from two NMR dimensions (T1 and T2) is now offered with both the MRIL-XL and MRIL-Prime services
Summary Summary MRIL® Magnetic Resonance Imaging Logging
Wireline logging service accurately and directly measures key factors that influence the ability of a well to produce commercial quantities of oil or gas.
Summary Summary Reservoir Description Tool (RDT™) Tool
Wireline formation pressure testing and sampling runs should be quick, completed in a single descent, provide pure single phase fluid samples, and deliver the required pressure tests along with the associated mobilities and pressure gradients. The Halliburton Reservoir Description Tool (RDT™) employs several best in class features to help you meet these goals.
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