Reduce Drilling Time

How can you reduce drilling time?

Halliburton can help optimize drilling and reduce nonproductive time (NPT) using technology-leading QuadPack® Plus and Energy Balanced® roller cone bits as well as FX Series™ fixed cutter drill bits. They are complemented by a network of ADE™ (Application Design Evaluation) service specialists who incorporate the DatCI™ (Design at the Customer Interface) computerized bit design process and the SPARTA™ rock mechanics analysis model to optimize bit selections for a particular formation.

Our hole enlargement tools, including NBR® and XR Reamer™ give increased annular diameters. They reduce equivalent circulating density (ECD) and increase the ability of reaching the target zone and contribute to a more reliable sand control completion.

The FullDrift® suite of drilling systems offers an improved rate of penetration (ROP) to decrease development cost while delivering high-quality wellbore construction that improves formation evaluation. These systems are integrated with wireline-quality Stellar® MWD/LWD services to meet all of your formation evaluation and drilling requirements.

Halliburton's pressure-while-drilling (PWD) services, coupled with our drilling fluids graphics (DFG™) hydraulics modeling software, provide powerful and cost-effective ways to reduce the risk and expense of lost circulation from penetrating depleted zones.

Our advanced drilling simulator monitors the potential for cuttings buildup, projects ECD values, and provides surge and swab pressure predictions while drilling and running casing in real time. Application of Halliburton's Wellbore Pressure Containment strategy blocks the transmission of wellbore fluid into depleted sands and can plug fractures caused by pressure changes.

DrillAhead® services can help widen the mud weight window by increasing the wellbore pressure containment ability. This may allow operators to reach deeper target reservoirs as well as alleviate lost circulation or underground cross flow. These powerful capabilities give operators the most accurate and comprehensive picture of drilling activity available.

Halliburton's Key Products & Services

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