Pipe Recovery

How can you reduce production downtime and reduce the cost of pipe recovery in the event of stuck pipe?

Stuck pipe can certainly stall, or even halt production. Halliburton can reduce your down time and help avoid shutting down the reservoir altogether. Free Point Tool offers one trip analysis of stuck drill pipe, drill collars, tubing, coiled tubing or casing. It measures changes in the magnetic field of a pipe in single trip, providing a continuous log. The resulting data can be easily read and interpreted by any field personnel or a Halliburton professional. Additionally, Halliburton has trucks, skids and crews dedicated to pipe recovery for quick response to customer's needs.

Some recovery operations require severing the pipe for operations to continue. Halliburton offers a various jet cutters that can be used in a wide variety of applications. The Split Shot®*Cutter uses a linear shaped charge to split tubing and casing collars vertically. They come in different sizes, lengths and temperature ratings.

The Drill Collar Severing Tool (DCST), a tool of last resort, uses an explosive collision device to create a high-energy blast capable of shearing large, heavyweight drill strings.

Halliburton also offers alternative high-precision tools. Chemical Cutters**, available for applications from coiled tubing to 8 5/8 inch casing, uses chemicals that when mixed with an oil/steel wool mixture creates an reaction that builds pressure and temperature, which open the severing head and the chemical is expelled cutting the tubing or casing. Stuck pipe, then, becomes easier to retrieve.

(*Split Shot is a registered trademark of Owen Oil Tools) (**Chemical Cutters manufactured by Chammas Cutters Inc or Pipe Recovery Systems Inc.)


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Summary Summary Pipe Recovery Services
Halliburton offers a wide range of free point indicators, severing tools and experienced crews to help reduce NPT and extra costs caused by stuck pipe
Summary Summary Chemical Cutter
Chemical cutters dissolve pipe with a clean cut leaving no debris with no milling prior to pipe retrieval which can shorten operating time and reduce rig costs.
Summary Summary Halliburton Free-Point Tool
With fast, single-trip operation, our electromechanical tool provides precise free point location without the need for multiple time-consuming stop and set measurements of traditional free point tools.
Summary Summary Split Shot® Cutter
The Split Shot Cutter uses a linear shaped charge to split tubing and casing collars vertically.
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