Manage Pressure to Increase Recovery and Prevent Lost Time and Premature Abandonment

How can you manage pressure in your reservoir to increase production and to prevent lost production time and premature abandonment using secondary recovery techniques?

In order to manage pressure in your reservoir and generate additional hydrocarbon production, secondary recovery techniques such as injecting water into the reservoir and using artificial lift technologies must be employed. Halliburton works with operators to review existing data and measure pressure to discover key factors causing pressure drop and underperformance in your reservoir. We then identify the right approach for revitalizing your mature field through application of new technologies, pressure maintenance schemes and predicting future performance using geologic and simulation models as well as our extensive experience.

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Summary Summary DynaMem® Electronic Memory Gauges
Halliburton offers a line of robust gauges with proven track records for reliability-all designed to meet a variety of customer needs.
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