Increase Recovery with Horizontal Drilling

How can horizontal drilling be an effective solution for your mature field?

Horizontal drilling is one of the most valuable technologies employed in mature fields. Used in enhanced oil recovery, it can increase your mature field's oil recovery process significantly. It offers multiple advantages including, better drainage, lower drawdown, a reduced footprint on land, and, at sea, the ability to drill more wells from a single platform. Its sole purpose is to help operators develop more of the wellbore and it's become increasingly popular when oil prices rise.

Halliburton set direction with the Pilot™ Fleet of automated drilling systems, the Geo-Pilot® rotary steerable. These systems allow mature field operators to get the most out of their mature fields, by providing precise wellbore placement for maximum production, faster drilling and reduced NPT through zero-impact tool control and reliability.

Horizontal drilling is one of the major applications of rotary steerable systems and steerable motor system. These tools are fundamental to the success of horizontal drilling by enabling the well to be steered to horizontal at the required location with the required azimuth. Use of rotary steerable technology continues to grow not only in the offshore but in land markets as well.

Halliburton's Key Products & Services

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Summary Summary Geo-Pilot® GXT Rotary Steerable System
The Geo-Pilot GXT system delivers a new level of drilling performance by integrating a GeoForce® motor power section between the rotary steerable system and the LWD system. This next-generation positive displacement motor technology produces more than twice the horsepower of conventional power sections.
Summary Summary Geo-Pilot® Rotary Steerable Systems
Geo-Pilot® Rotary Steerable Systems deliver high borehole quality for extended-reach drilling and soft formations in deepwater and offshore environments.
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