Accessing Bypassed Reserves Through Infill Drilling

How do you access bypassed reserves in mature reservoirs?

The best technical solution for enhancing production from mature fields must also be economical. Understanding your reservoir is crucial, as is the development of a cost-effective drilling program, for getting the most out of your mature fields.

Some of Halliburton's solutions include:

  • Replacing wells via slot recovery on constrained platforms;
  • Installing an advanced reservoir drainage multilateral system to minimize the capital expenditure required to tap marginal reserves;
  • Using the Evader™ gyro measurement-while-drilling (MWD) service to reduce environmental impact and pad size by allowing wells to be drilled off a platform or drillsite pad that in turn reduces the project AFE;
  • The StataSteer®3D Geosteering service along with geosteering specialists to minimize risk during drilling; and
  • The DecisionSpace Desktop® software tools to acquire and analyze well data in real-time.

Halliburton's Key Products & Services