Heavy Oil Halliburton Advantage

From start to finish, count on Halliburton

In the world of heavy oil, Halliburton experts have a long track record of providing the right mix of products, services, expertise and knowledge, as well as the ability to manage the entire project from design through production to maintenance. We've been there from the beginning—regardless of the type, size or the heavy oil methodology, from “natural lift” to steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD), Halliburton continues to provide operators with the industry's leading experts, processes and technologies from well construction through production.

Additionally, our financial commitment to ongoing heavy oil technologies development remains very strong, with increased emphasis placed on SAGD research and development. Although Halliburton does not transport and refine heavy oil, these stages are figured into our heavy oil value chain. That's because we have long worked hand-in-hand with heavy oil transportation and refining entities to help ensure safe, economical and logistically prudent ways to transition produced heavy oil from the field to the pipeline and refinery.

The Halliburton Value Chain

Halliburton adds value from one end of the heavy oil "chain" to the other. Most heavy oil deposits are found in poorly consolidated sands that impose specific technological challenges, requiring extra precautions to maintain wellbore integrity and manage sand production and disposal.

  • Identify and Plan

    Viable economic development of heavy oil requires a well-engineered drilling and completions plan, including determining appropriate production techniques. The most common techniques employed today are steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD), cyclic steam simulation (CSS) or steamflooding.

    From the start, Halliburton brings to bear the most advanced modeling and evaluation capabilities to maximize the potential of a specific heavy oil application. In the early phase of development, simulation can help engineers optimize the design of the production system and evaluate various well trajectories and drainage patterns. In addition, Halliburton can provide accurate reservoir modeling to help optimize production throughout the life of the well.

  • Drill and Evaluate

    Halliburton has the proven drilling and evaluation technology to achieve optimal wellbore placement while overcoming the challenges of working in unconsolidated formations.

    We have the technology and expertise to optimize mud and casing programs, bit and drilling system design and fluid programs to maintain borehole stability and mitigate stuck pipe. And during operations, our extensive experience in real-time data acquisition and communications provides more complete, timely reservoir information to improve decision making.

  • Complete and Produce

    Heavy oil reservoirs challenge cement and wellbore integrity, and impose increased demands for pressure maintenance, controlling heat transfer and loss, and monitoring steam efficiency and coverage. And in many cases, economic heavy oil production depends on effective sand control.

    Halliburton solutions meet the full scope of technical challenges for heavy oil production, from managing water and gas breakthrough for effective zonal isolation during completion, to total flow assurance during production. Our proven technologies have been used worldwide to successfully curtail excessive sand production, and our cementing technologies and expertise lead the world for zonal isolation and engineering for the life of the well. In addition, the Halliburton approach minimizes intervention and maintenance costs, further improving economics of heavy oil.

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