Challenges and Solutions

Heavy oil plays—and their unique challenges—vary widely. Halliburton has the right solutions.

Only Halliburton can supply the optimal solution when it comes to solving the many and complex challenges posed by heavy oil—evaluation and assessment, horizontal drilling, stimulation, production and field sustainability concerns. And Halliburton does it while driving efficiencies throughout plus delivering operational excellence in relation to HSE (health, safety and environment) issues.

From field to field, there can be vast differences among heavy oil deposits. Recovery factors vary greatly, and recovery methods that work well in one area may not work in another. Plus, after production begins, operators may see a wide range of results from individual wells. But no matter what the situation, heavy oil's denseness and viscosity almost always makes it difficult—and costly—to develop and produce.

Such differences among individual heavy oil deposits make it necessary to have customized solutions that maximize the value of the hydrocarbons while overcoming issues associated with drilling and producing.