Mobile Maintenance Workshops

Efficient solutions for remote operations, where and when you need them
At Halliburton, we have an in-depth understanding of the challenges you face working in distant locations far from existing infrastructure. Our Mobile Maintenance Systems are easily transported, set-up quickly and are built to function in hostile environments. Designed to meet a wide variety of maintenance needs, these systems provide a full range of capabilities, dramatically reducing the need to move equipment in and out of remote areas.

The fully functional units come with their own power source and require just four-to-six hours to assemble. And, they are staffed with Halliburton certified field technicians, mechanics and supervisory personnel as needed. Your remote project will also be supported by the strong relationships Halliburton has developed with local freight forwarders and logistics partners in most countries.

Directional Drilling and LWD Mobile Maintenance Systems
Shipped as a series of five units, this versatile maintenance system can be used to break down, service, troubleshoot, maintain, calibrate and build up a wide array of complex tools. Capabilities include the tear-down and build-up of all measurement-while-drilling (MWD) strings and mud motors.

Wireline Mobile Maintenance Systems
Designed to meet a wide variety of wireline maintenance needs, these individual systems drastically reduce the need to move equipment in and out of remote locations. Various combinations are available, depending on the scope and length of your remote operations.

Count on Halliburton for Reliable Mobile Solutions
We have proven technology to manage virtually any exploration or production challenge and a variety of experts knowledgeable in the challenges of conducting operations far from established infrastructure.

You get the benefit of the resources, established relationships and expertise to help you achieve a whole new level of efficiencies in deepwater.